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I usually don't cook breakfast for the pass few years i should say i only do it when i feel like it or during weekends because the husband doesn't work that means he sleep in late during weekends. Anyhow, I decided and realized that i must do the right way i should started cook breakfast more often from now on because as what I've read recently that breakfast is the important meal of the day to start up your morning great so with no excuses i started it to i should have done this already just too lazy i guess, lol. Apparently the husband is happy seeing me once again in the kitchen in early morning because he knows that i am not a morning person but because and for him i will promise to wake up so early and fix him great breakfast! I will take my word on this! Anyway, for his breakfast this morning was fried eggs, buttered toasts, fresh strawberries and a cup of his favorite tea. Wink!

Have a wonderful Wednesday ya'll!!