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Humba is one of the finest Filipino comfort food usually present at gatherings, fiestas and special occasions or just an afternoon or evening meal of Filipino household. It's made from pork meat usually from belly or thighs and braised it to tenderness then flavored it with soy sauce, brown sugar, bit of vinegar, bay leaves, pepper corns and black beans. It is always great to have this mouth watering humba in the dining table to enjoy. From time to time i am craving for it and lately i couldn't help my self to think that i have to make some and since it was timely a friend gave us some nice cut of pork thigh so shortly then i hastily cook them! That moment i really felt that i was back home enjoying the taste of pinoy humba.


hmm its look like pizza

really YumMY! GOD BLESS,Tremendously ! JIA