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More and more people are spending much time online nowadays. Young ones and adults alike, if we ask them, almost everyone has social networking accounts and plays online games. Others however use the internet as a study material like if they have school assignments and research project. The internet is indeed a powerful medium most of us have access into, it’s either we put it to good use or just be careless about. No doubt we don’t like the latter and being careful is a must. How can we protect ourselves especially our children? We should be aware of the dangers internet users are exposed of. It includes websites with adult contents, cyber bullying, chatting with strangers, identity thief, cyber predators, and so on and so forth. Being careful and not just hitting on buttons and links are not the only way to protect ourselves. One good way is through parental control software free download. It filters and blocks harmful websites, notification alerts, video recording of PC activity for 60 hours, logs user names and passwords, and so much more. Tools such as are what we need to ensure safe browsing. Indeed, we really have to be careful than be sorry especially when it comes to our online activities.