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It looks yummy does it? I want something different for a dinner last Wednesday and when i checked the fridge i saw some boneless chicken, some cheeses and a pack of fresh spinach leaves, anyway i always put extra stuff to cook on the days that i feel like cooking always. Stocking your fridge and pantry is nice way to not run in the store every moment you want something varieties to cook once in awhile. Moving on i thought of the ingredients would be nice to stuffed it to my boneless chicken i saw a picture that is really inviting was drooling on it! And so thinking i can pull that off in my own way. So needless to say i made my version of stuffed chicken with spinach, Swiss cheese and grated Parmesan. The housemates loves it so much, husband can't get enough saying how good it was, he ate that night and the left over for his lunch the next day, lol. He said i need to make again. Happy wife indeed!

You need:

4 pieces boneless chicken breasts
pack of sargento Swiss cheese
small pack of Parmesan cheese
half pack of fresh spinach leaves
thinly chop onions
thinly cubes of green bell pepper
1/2 cup water
2tbsp paprika
1tsp garlic salt
salt and pepper to taste


Cut chicken like a butterfly cut, mix the paprika, and garlic salt. Then rub it to the chicken both sides and set aside. On a bowl put the thinly chopped spinach leaves, grated Parmesan onions and bell peppers and season it with salt & pepper. On a baking dish start stuffing the chicken with spinach mixture just layer it with 2 piece of cheese, spinach, then cheese again and lay the other piece of butterfly chicken. Continue the process then pour half cup of water and bake it for an hour on 375 degree.

For the creamy sauce:

When chicken is done, remove it in the pan use the left over liquid pour on a gravy pan add 1tbsp flour stir. Add 1tsp sour cream and 1tbsp butter let it boiled till the sauce thickened. Serve hot with macaroni & cheese!

Enjoy Cooking!


yummy! my mother in law loves making stuffed chicken. i haven't tried cooking it yet, thank you for the recipe.

i'm drooling. looks yummy indeed

i haven't had my lunch yet and this makes me crave for food! this looks so delicious! thanks for sharing!!! i will probably do this someday.

oh, mother of pearl! I'm drooling right now!

im like drooling right now... lol

imma tell my wife to try and make this for us... this looks enticingly delicious..

imma get my hands on you stuffed chicken some day.. :

thanks for sharing :))))

shocks, why did ever land on this post when my stomach is rumbling.. haahah gigutum kug kalami arun... thanks MOmmy for sharing how to do this :)

oh wow!! looks really delish! and it's easy to make... i might try this one too... one of these days.. hehehe

So stuffy and looks so tasty, mapaparami ang rice natin jan...

Wow, this is really yummy! My mouth is watering already. he he. I will surely try this one out. :)

wow! i got all the ingredients except for the swiss cheese.. hmm.. ma try nga tonight. hehe
thanks for sharing the recipe!