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I never drink alcohol in my life, they offer me some but i regret to say i hate the taste of it... period! But before I've taste the tequila rose strawberry cream i think this is gonna be my favorite liqueurs because it isn't very strong and it is so creamy you wouldn't think it's an alcohol. Both of us won't drink as much others do but we stock couple of wines and liqueurs in the fridge just for times that we need to relax that's what we do take a shot! So if you hasn't try this tequila rose yet? am telling you now that must have try bet you will love it as much!


That looks good! I never drink nor sip wine all of my life too but when I tasted this Asti wine (Italian wine) for the first time that my hubby's family love to drink on a family gatherings. I like it and that's the only wine I want to drink. ;-)