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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

The other day, we went to the mall to grab some summer clothing like tees and shorts since well, we’re heading to FL. While strolling around, I saw this music store with lots of people coming in and out. I realized they’re giving away lots of great deals to music lovers. Was eavesdropping I guess when I heard a group of teens about to buy Ableton. It’s a tool for those making their own music, compositions and recordings that is. I guess they’re band members and about to hit the stage with their music. It was pretty cool for me looking at them so excited and having the days of their lives.

Been wanting to try this churros a Mexican delicacy made of flour mixture then deep fried it you know fritters in kinda long strips with their special kind of mold, then rolled it to sugar and cinnamon filled it with different fillings you want. They referred it as the Spanish doughnut. Actually they are very popular in Latin America and related countries you know like Spain, Portugal and such. I've heard this in the food channels and i was so curious about how does it taste because the way it looks? surely a very yummy pastry snack or dessert. And today i was right! They're good the crispiness and sweetness are just complimenting each other. definitely will go by there again for more churros!

These past several weeks, I've been working closely with push reel mower. The reason? Since we're leaving to FL in days time, the house and surroundings should be kept clean and tidy, until we are able to return home again of course. The manual thing is really tiring but there's no complaining whatsoever. It made me lose weight and I'm loving every bit of it! And as soon as we gets to FL, well, we'll be mowing even more. You know, lots of things need to be done in a newly bought property. I'm just so looking forward to more busy days ahead. Oh and I need to mention, am so excited to go to the beach too, LOL!

Empanada is very common in Filipino dishes it is a kind of pastry that stuffed with lots of stuff such as meat commonly chicken, vegetables like carrots, potatoes, green peas, onions and garlic! Then cook it to deliciously good. It is well enjoyed and loved food! Empanada is not just common to Filipinos other countries that traditionally cook this are from south Americas, Spain is not excluded! I think in american/Italian version that's what Calzone is although they put cheeses on it! Wink.

 Anyway y'all, here's the step by steap and as easy as 123 procedure! I use half pound ground turkey instead of chicken and i tell you it is tasty and delish! The exact recipe as follows are... 1cup diced carrots, 1/2cup green peas, 1/4cup raisins, a cup of diced potato, 3tbsp veges oil, one chicken cube, medium size minced onion, minced garlic about 3 cloves, 1tsp sugar, salt and pepper to taste.

Next, Just sauteed garlic and onion until soft. Brown meat, and when it's brown add the chicken cubes plus 2 tbsp water let it simmer for 5-10 minutes until the cube dissolved and mix well. Then add the two first vegetables, carrots and potato stir and cover for 7 minutes. Lastly, add the last remaining ingredients the peas, raisins, sugar, salt and pepper. Stir and cover for 5 minutes or until everything is cooked.

Here's the finished empanada filling! Ready to stuffed in the pastry dough. But hang on i have to make the dough first, LOL! Will post the dough making shortly!

Enjoy Cooking!

I am so badly wanted mangoes right now more so i read an article that eat more oranges, yellow and red fruits slowing you down for aging which really make sense to me because Asian like us Filipinos loves mangoes and for my own experienced we grew up having mangoes all the time when papito bought a huge bag of sweet yellow mangoes, i feeling great every time! So to make my long rant short i want it! Only publix have the best ones ever they're not bad inside and sweet too just like what we have in my country! 

I had a plan since Saturday that me will cook dinner for family and in-laws for tonight's dinner. My menu are baked creamy zitti, fresh hot pandesal (Filipino rolls), fresh house salad (mom in-laws lettuce from her garden) and for lovely dessert will make two kinds of brownies the caramel and fudge. But, that was last night planned though this morning got cancelled they said save it for another day because they have some emergency errands to do. Anyway, i guess will just wait till weekend much better for all of us! Would just cook small portion of baked zitti tonight for the husband because it is his favorite Italian dish ever! Wink.

I believed and everybody believes that the right way to start your morning is to eat healthy breakfast! So what i am doing is to fix my family a bowl of fresh slices of fruits! I make more exciting by preparing it with variety ones. Those i put were bananas, strawberries, the yummy yellow sweet mangoes and for a final touch i place the slice orange on the center to be a lil bit creative so looks like a flower of fruits, lol! They always enjoy and love and i see my kiddos grinning faces and they always thank me for it! Gotta love them you know, Wink!

I always love and enjoy shrimp dishes no matter what it is i simply devour it, lol. Today's lunch of mine is the Japanese style shrimp tempura with extra spicy yummy sauce! My lunch was fantastic i made because the husband wasn't here and he is not into shell fish so while he's out for lunch with his buddy i will take advantage as i could to enjoy my seafoods! LOL. Anyway, that's all for today have a good one! I'll be back to my offline tasks! Ciao!

I've always loved putting on makeups. Not the ones for the red carpet though, just the simple, barely there look. My must-haves include a brow liner, loose powder, and lipstick, that's basically it. I can't go out of the house without their company, it's like am feeling naked. But since I became a mom and a very busy house-maker, putting on a little makeup whenever I go out has become more of an effort. Anyway, it doesn't bother me that much, not having a makeup, I kinda got used to it except of course when I really have to and when I want to. Some girls however just can't live without, mascara, eyeliners, (just like my cousin) and lipstick. It's like ridiculous for them to go out of their homes not looking pretty, with makeups on.

That's probably why they go as far as having permanent makeup as the perfect solution to the condition. My mom's friend is one of them. She has always been a lady who adores wearing makeup all her life, not forgetting to apply some even when just going to the market. When she turned 50, she decided to get those permanent make up such as eyebrows and lipstick, waking up with makeup every day, making her feel as beautiful as ever. If makeups, permanent or not, do make you happy, go for it and wear it like a star.

It was Saturday i was busy browsing and i bumped to pizza hut we don't usually get pizza from them to take out unless we go in and dine. So anyway upon browsing online this delish pizza i saw was so tempting and looks so mouth watering without a second thought i click the link going straight to the pizza deal for 11.99 a large cheesy bites pizza with create your own toppings is only a day promo so i really grabbed the moment, lol! So wanted to have the pizza that night! haha. Apparently i am right it was dang good! I order half and half the Hawaiian and supreme. Everyone enjoyed and was a good of a deal!

Checking out houston fence company. The reason? Well we’ve been doing a lot of fencing in the property before our big move and just wanted to have an idea on what could be a good deal and stuff like that. Anyway, there’s so much to do and many things to prioritize. This is so going to be one very busy time for all of us here. I’m tired and exhausted but definitely not worn out. I’m just so looking forward to our coming move, I badly need a breath of fresh air and new surroundings.

As a busy mom and most of my mornings are so hectic from getting up to taking care of the household all through the day there's no way i can fix or make a perfect breakfast always. I may say it just happen when the husband is off from work during weekends other than that we both just have an easy quick breakfast whatever it's fast and making up the pace! But lately i am opting my diet instead won't eat breakfast at all, switch it to have some and for that i have to fix for all of us so what i have yesterday morning was the easy fix  french toasts, fresh strawberries and orange/peach juice am counting my calories intake in the morning so this plate is not so heavy but still fulfilling until lunch time is ready. I learned that the most important meal of the day is breakfast so i wanted to make sure now that my family have eaten to start our day bright! Wink.