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It was Saturday i was busy browsing and i bumped to pizza hut we don't usually get pizza from them to take out unless we go in and dine. So anyway upon browsing online this delish pizza i saw was so tempting and looks so mouth watering without a second thought i click the link going straight to the pizza deal for 11.99 a large cheesy bites pizza with create your own toppings is only a day promo so i really grabbed the moment, lol! So wanted to have the pizza that night! haha. Apparently i am right it was dang good! I order half and half the Hawaiian and supreme. Everyone enjoyed and was a good of a deal!

1 comments: hubby likes to eat Pizza. Are you in Tn..Filipina din ako.currently in Franklin TN. saan ka banda dito sa Tennessee.Saw your blog with KM-emoterang sexy..