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I've always loved putting on makeups. Not the ones for the red carpet though, just the simple, barely there look. My must-haves include a brow liner, loose powder, and lipstick, that's basically it. I can't go out of the house without their company, it's like am feeling naked. But since I became a mom and a very busy house-maker, putting on a little makeup whenever I go out has become more of an effort. Anyway, it doesn't bother me that much, not having a makeup, I kinda got used to it except of course when I really have to and when I want to. Some girls however just can't live without, mascara, eyeliners, (just like my cousin) and lipstick. It's like ridiculous for them to go out of their homes not looking pretty, with makeups on.

That's probably why they go as far as having permanent makeup as the perfect solution to the condition. My mom's friend is one of them. She has always been a lady who adores wearing makeup all her life, not forgetting to apply some even when just going to the market. When she turned 50, she decided to get those permanent make up such as eyebrows and lipstick, waking up with makeup every day, making her feel as beautiful as ever. If makeups, permanent or not, do make you happy, go for it and wear it like a star.