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t's been days since I haven't actually spend time with my online duties. The moment we arrived from FL, things are like a roller coaster ride, we are all so busy with this big move the family is about to embark. We just finished painting the rooms white. The husband and I decided not to put colors so that the new owner can repaint it with the color they like best. We sort out a lot of stuff, I can't believe I actually burned 4 huge boxes of junk mails and papers from time by gone. So we're really moving out. There will be no separation anxiety for me, I'm sure of that but yes I'm gonna miss this house. It's the house that built me here in the U.S after all. Anyway, I'm just excited at the same time very much busy with things, forgive me if I can't return all your favors, I would as soon as circumstances permits. By the way, before I end this short update, have you heard of a fellow by the name Deepak Agarwal philippines. Well, his name does not include Philippines in it but they say he's a genius when it comes to affiliate marketing and strategies. A friend was looking for his twitter account because even if the feedback are positive about him, still there are some who says better be careful. Just a thought maybe some of you out there is already familiar with the name.

 Anyway I'll see you around and here's wishing a lovely weekend ahead!