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Equipping your kitchen with the right cutlery can be a lifelong pursuit – every day there are new innovations – things like stainless steel cutlery or ceramic knives emerge as cutting edge technology so it’s difficult to know when to buy and what to buy in order to make food preparation effortless. Most cooks just want kitchen knives and cutlery that is sharp and easy to use and surprisingly that is not as simple as it sounds.
Fortunately there are some manufacturers who recognize and cater specifically to the needs of the home cook or amateur chef – JA Henckels makes a Never Needs Sharpening line of kitchen knives that is well designed and offers great value for money. The Eversharp and Everedge line of knifes feature stamped blades with serrated edges which literally never need to be sharpening yet hold an amazing edge. A sharp knife is a safe knife so it behooves you to buy knives which hold and edge or else invest in a knife sharpener and use it religiously.
There are many kinds of knife sharpeners but for home use it’s a good idea to use one which keeps the knife in a fixed position; with a sharpening stone you control the angle of the blade and unless you are proficient at sharpening knives there is room for error. Knives should be stored properly to ensure they stay sharp – wipe them clean with a damp cloth and towel dry before storing as a damp knife is subject to rust and corrosion. Regardless of how a knife may be labeled it should never be placed in a dishwasher nor should a knife be submerged in water for any length of time.