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As the saying goes, there’s always a first time for everything. For now the thoughts of sending flowers internationally is first time for me. It’s been 6 years since I came here in the States and I haven’t sent something back home yet, flower-wise. So here I am, browsing for flowers online. I came across this next day flower delivery using Serenata and so I clicked, hoping to find something I like, something stunning.

What more can I say? Serenata flowers come in array! They really have a huge collection of not just flowers but ornamental plants as well. It’s nice because they do cater for international orders which mean I can order now and my family will receive it the next day. And to think the prices are not too much for something overseas, it’s affordable actually. Perhaps on my parent’s anniversary I can send one to them. Mom loves roses, white ones, I’m sure she’ll love it! But who needs occasion to make someone feel their special and think about right?

If there’s someone you want to send flowers to, just visit Serenata and pick the one you like best. Winks!