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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

It's quarter till 10 yet we just had our dinner! Why? just because, lol. Anyway, we had a lil late lunch earlier plus the kiddos still in their nap twas a long day for us today went to help in a handyman job(Hubs) and we went grocery shopping at Publix came home late, rest a lil bit( Fb,browsing, etc). So to make my long story short! I hastily went to the kitchen when kids awake and grab anything i can think of to cook quickly! I called it under 30min dinner because i cooked them all under that time, lol..duh! 

Despite it's quick and easy though the housemates enjoyed it! Just sauteed chicken with fresh vegetables i got from Publix. Thinly slice chicken, minced garlic, chopped onion, slices of mushrooms, yellow and red sweet peppers and pieces of snow peas i chopped it up so it will cook right away! Just using the basic seasonings, salt & peppers to taste, dash of garlic salt, half a tsp of paprika and dash of fajitas seasoning mix to finished it off! And for the side is mac&cheese! So, that you go the delicious dinner i served for my housemates tonight! Wink!

Enjoy cooking!

Been so busy lately that I wasn’t able to make updates here. Gone are the days when my days were so occupied with online stuff. I actually like it this way. Anyway, I do have a handful of stories to share and a lot of pictures to upload. I guess I’d start with how my chat with sissy led me hunting for some health supplements. My grandmother was complaining about her kidney the last few days and wants some cranberries, I suppose it’s good for kidney problems. And her knees are aching too. Glad I had this click here for arthritis aids link bookmarked in my computer. It has tips on dealing with arthritis and recommendations to ease the problem. So gotta get grandma the herbal supplements she's requested and send it to her really soon. 

These are from each of them have a trendy and stylish design which i really love, they also have a wide selection of colors and to top of it they are affordable. Their discounted prescription glasses are also very stylish. I just enjoy collecting them all , for now i have 8 pairs of firmoo's sunglasses and still thinking to add some more in  the future. Check it out for your self and get discounts.

Well, I am! lol. Just mowed our entire front yard by push mower will i don't have to but i wanted to so after doing such exercise i felt great i had a lot of sweats came out which is really good! But the bad side is i want to have this so bad! A limited edition of Oreo topped molten cake dessert from Chili's restaurant! Ugh! So good looking and the melted white chocolate inside is so insanely yummy! It is top with vanilla ice cream under a hard molten cake shell. You will for sure forget about dieting! ^_^. Just can't stop thinking of you!!! lol.

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Never get tired of fish! Saturday we're out of town with hubs for his handyman job. After a long day of work yours truly requested to go to K&S world market to grab some Filipino condiments, such as silver swan soy sauce and datu puti vinegar which are the only brands in the world that i very much like, some ligo sardines, bitter melons, long beans and etc. But the other reason i went to the market was to buy Filipino fish and so i found this familiar one, i can not imagine how expensive fish are especially this whole fish that i really like, Whew the price is so unbelievable, $35!! lol. I told myself to get next time because am way out of my budget if i get that fish, however though i still got a small size of spanish mackerel. Will definitely get some kind of this next time i go to the wet market. But, happy me still because got my pinoy stuff! Wink.

The other day was an open house day. Prospective buyers went over and check the property we are selling. I can't believe it, we are so moving to another land. We are so happy to hear the good feedback from the broker that a couple of the visitors fell in love with the house and considering to get it. There was this fine Japanese lady and I really wish she's the one. I know with her, our house will land in good hands. She particularly love my girl's room.She said the walls are pretty and the fixtures are cute. She also made good remarks with the kitchen and even notice the shower head fittings. She even asked from where did we got it so I mentioned the website and told about its great deals.

Oh well, her eyes were like scrutinizing everything, glad I had a general cleaning just before they came over. I am gonna miss this house big time but at the same time, I'm also very much excited, with high hopes of the new life after our big moved.

One thing i would love to have in my kitchen, the hidden trash organizer. It is easy and convenient for us to have this in the kitchen for several reasons. Number one, is to get rid of the kids especially little once to make contacts on trashes. Two, make up more space for some other stuff you need and no bother if it's on the way or all over the place. Third, very sanitary solution for everybody and keep our kitchen spotless and clean of the filty trashes. That's one thing i been bugging to him to make me one and he promised he will one of this days.

Yes, that's what i am going to cook here shortly! He is thinking of just ordering home delivery food for dinner but i opposed and insisted to cook because i promised my self to try to save and control our spending habits now adays. I've read a very interesting articles about housewives gathered and sharing ideas about how to make savings, cut back the things that you really don't need it like for instance the food we eat, the stuff we need at home and a lot more that's just example of plenty of things to consider. Anyway, so as i was saying i will cook and make delicious dinner right now! Instead of ordering pasta/pizza at domino's which is i believed they are high up in their price i will make my own Italian dish! Hmmp! OK, got to start now! See you all, ciao!

I've been waiting for sissy to be online but to no avail. Where is she now? Well thank God she message, saying she's in the bank with our cousin applying for a credit card. After disregarding prepaid credit cards for teenagers way back then, now they badly need it. They are starting a small business soon that requires a credit card, in terms of funds. Well I hope they've spend ample time meditating for it because it's a serious responsibility. But they're two middle-age women so I'm pretty sure they can handle it well. All I can say is that, when it comes to matters like that of credit cards, they really need to be disciplined and draw the line when it comes to expenses.

Are you fond of spicy stuff like peppers and hot sauces and everything? I bet you would love this firing hot sauce in here! It is homemade without any preservatives or whatever magic for the food. All you can is fresh and natural stuff. It is really good as well can be with all of your favorite food such as at soups, steaks, pizzas, burgers anything you can think of as far as you want spicy eating. Just have comments if you like to know where to get this freaking sauce! Wink. 

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Briefcases are still man’s finest companion through the years, well in terms of business. I remember when I was younger, my father used to have that vintage looking briefcase for men, and he’s taking it to his office every day. I just know it’s his favorite but I’m quite sure if it still exists until now, probably it’s so worn out and dysfunctional already. Just like my many other wishes, I would love to buy him a new briefcase pretty soon. But with his job now, I doubt if he still needs a case. A backpack perhaps or a complete set of luggage for my dad is constantly traveling and always on the go.

Delicious mudslide from Applebee's. This drink is the all-time favorite of the husband, everytime we go to fine dining he definitely knows the best cocktale drink to get... mudslide indeed, lol. Well, it's blended with KahlĂșa, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream. I think applebee's has one of the best of this cocktail drink by far and it's huge @-@ compare to other fine restaurants we go.

The latest computer bug called DNSChanger malware sure makes us go frantic. It’s scary if it infects our computers and laptops. Really, it’s a very unwelcome idea especially to those who make their living using the Internet. We have to make sure our computers are healthy all the time. With this in mind, I’m thinking of getting my PC health check at iolo. Thru their website I can get a personalized report detailing any problem my computer might have and recommendations on how to fix it. I want their hard drive cleaner, something that can fix the slowdowns and freezes. I guess, too much of a hard work make computers unhealthy. Must ask to the better half about it because he knows alot better than me about computer stuff and such!

I would love to have these set of 4 Pilsner glasses in my china cabinet! Another hobby that i couldn't resist  doing is collecting this kind of stuff. It's fun and enjoyable!! Anyway, i love this clear glasses and has a classic shape to it. Perfect to use for gatherings and dinner dates, definitely a hightlight of your occasions. Glasses like these are trendy ever since i could remember. They are easy to maintain than other glasses that has textures and they are very presentable and just classy pieces. Must have in your kitchen cabinet. Prices vary depends on the brands and style. Just check out on your local store or online store.

I’m talking about my in-laws, as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, we’re finally moving, together with them to another state sometime very soon. The husband and I will be bringing most of our stuff but not them. They left almost everything! From furniture to electronics, and some of the stuff which I adore myself, they’re not taking it. I really want to have that tv stands in their dining and living room which ever of that two, it’s way too nice to leave behind. LOL! But as they’ve said, it’s even better to start anew. I totally understand and besides it’s more f a hassle in case they’ll bring along all their stuff.

Made a version of ziti instead of baking it in typical way, i cook it through a casserole it's the same procedure but it's much easier to prep. Baked ziti is always the family's favorite and husband's specialty also. That's why i was inspired to cook this pasta, main reason is because of him! I have to beat him in cooking you know, lol. Anyway, here's how:


half box ziti
8-10 cherry tomatoes
a tbsp sour cream
half cup mushrooms chopped
1 medium onion
1can spaghetti sauce
1/2 lbs ground beef
4 slice sargento cheese
salt and pepper to taste
fresh basil for garnish


Bring ziti pasta to boil. In a casserole brown meat and drain excess oil then sauteed onions and tomatoes. Add the pasta sauce let it simmer for 5 minutes. Add sour cream and stir till mix well. Add the cooked pasta stir let it cooked for another 3 minutes. Lastly, top it with cheese and cover set aside till cheese melts to perfection! That's it!

Enjoy cooking!

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Once again yesterday was one of the hottest day ever so at lunch i cook a hearty ziti casserole with a refreshing ice cold tea for the housemates! Tea is always our favorites, yesterday peach tea is their request i garnish it with a slice of fresh peach on top! It is more tasty actually than just a regular lemon slice. I love my crystal drink glasses by the way i enjoy fluanting them, another stuff i collect. Wink!

Let's have some cold ice tea everyone!! have a great morning!

A Fruit a day keeps the doctor away!! My version, lol. Not to mention i love my fruit basket haha. Anyway, i have in here some apples, peaches, couple mangoes and some bananas. Kids knows where to find them i place it where they can just grab it whenever they want to. So glad they love fruits more than anything else! They always say in our language "prutas- pagkaing pampa ganda" lol. I agree, because when you eat fruits regularly it keeps you younger and gives you the glowing skin you ever wanted. We really need them especially in this time of the year so freaking hot summer just to keep our body hydrated you know! And hey, drink plenty of water guys a healthy reminder from me :). Wnks!

Have a great Monday everyone!