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Never get tired of fish! Saturday we're out of town with hubs for his handyman job. After a long day of work yours truly requested to go to K&S world market to grab some Filipino condiments, such as silver swan soy sauce and datu puti vinegar which are the only brands in the world that i very much like, some ligo sardines, bitter melons, long beans and etc. But the other reason i went to the market was to buy Filipino fish and so i found this familiar one, i can not imagine how expensive fish are especially this whole fish that i really like, Whew the price is so unbelievable, $35!! lol. I told myself to get next time because am way out of my budget if i get that fish, however though i still got a small size of spanish mackerel. Will definitely get some kind of this next time i go to the wet market. But, happy me still because got my pinoy stuff! Wink.