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The other day was an open house day. Prospective buyers went over and check the property we are selling. I can't believe it, we are so moving to another land. We are so happy to hear the good feedback from the broker that a couple of the visitors fell in love with the house and considering to get it. There was this fine Japanese lady and I really wish she's the one. I know with her, our house will land in good hands. She particularly love my girl's room.She said the walls are pretty and the fixtures are cute. She also made good remarks with the kitchen and even notice the shower head fittings. She even asked from where did we got it so I mentioned the website and told about its great deals.

Oh well, her eyes were like scrutinizing everything, glad I had a general cleaning just before they came over. I am gonna miss this house big time but at the same time, I'm also very much excited, with high hopes of the new life after our big moved.