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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

Talking about fishing y'all! We are in the mood of fish right now, hubs and father in-law went to get fishing permits because tomorrow first thing early morning they will go to the best fishing inlet destination here in Florida! Looking forward for the big catch, accordingly, that inlet has variety of fish you could catch talking like Spanish mackerels, blue fish, yellow fish, red snappers and even cat fish. They wanted to join also on the weekend when the snook fish season started, the marina said this is the best time to go out fishing because fishes are insanely insane! Yikes, just the thought of it makes me drools already, can not wait to cook them on the grill! Yummy! lol. Anyway, on the other hand i have to check this for my sister, she's on this kind of job right now and she just wanted me to check something to this site. Got to go!

I always put extra touch with my food and today i am gonna share you guys how i fix my fried bananas. Fried bananas is very common in the Philippines and in Latin America it is a customary in the family's kitchen.  Anyway, i love the food since childhood i could eat them everyday! When i got in here i seldom taste them and so when i fix some i make sure every bite is memorable, lol. Have you eaten fried plantain/bananas with vanilla ice cream on top? if ice cream aren't available whipped cream is fine! ohhh, i tell you it is really good!

You need:

Slice plantain (Goya brand is you can get at freezer isles in walmart) it's already cooked!
vanilla ice cream or whipped cream mix!


Did you know kids eat free at IHOP everyday? with adult per entree ordered! Anyway, kiddos are wanting their 'create a face pancake' and they like them alot with slices of bananas and fresh strawberries with choice of strawberry yogurt or whip[ed cream.

Meanwhile, yours truly is mood of soup so i got their perfect combo of super yummy loaded potato and bacon soup which i think is one of the best potato soup next to legends resto that I've ever taste! The creaminess is just so heavenly delicious, along with the perfect side of half pot roast melted sandwich, the best roast I've ever have flavored wise! My goodness my dinner was so good, was stuffed! Happy camper me!

The hubs got his hearty dinner also we both in the mood of this kind of goodelicious meal. So he got his the sirloin steak tips dinner with omelette made with a splash of buttermilk and wheat pancake batter for extra fluffiness and a choice of two ingredients with melted hash brown. Served with two buttermilk pancakes with house syrups. We love IHOP, they always have the best food in town! Wink.

Am talking about my friend, she and her family along with couple of friends went to new york city last weekend and she has the best best time of her life! As I view her photos i can tell they all had fun, they went to lots of places up there, rode in a cruise ship to see the Liberty and much more! She told me, she saw this Marc Werner, MD clinic for lasik and eyecare surgery. They offers the Vision For Our Heroes program to provide 30% off Lasik for New York City area fire fighters, law enforcement, teachers, and military personnel. Even immediate family members (spouse, children) can get the discount! I told her that's one of the best e doctor in New York. Can check out fb fan page for more details!

Our second day in Florida yesterday and mom in law cook a very delicious lunch for all the housemates! Of course yours truly helping her whatever i can to minimized her load for as long we are here. Anyway, this was our scrumptious lunch, just really simple in plating and presentation yet extremely appetizing to eat. MIL roasted a roast beef to perfect tenderness for 3hours, she made a side vegetable dish such carrots with slices of ginger roots a lil bit of butter with garlic salt boiled it til really tender. Meanwhile, for carbs she baked red potatoes drizzled with extra light olive oil, salt and pepper to taste! Twas have a really good flavor. To finished it off, a creamy onion gravy is made by the left over juice of the roast beef with a tsp touch of sour cream for homemade gravy! Yummy lunch indeed!

I have my favorite bottle of perfume and there’s no way I’d trade it for anything else. But of course I’m also open-minded when it comes to new scents. I’m actually looking for new addition to my collection and this one I’d like to try some men’s fragrance. I don’t find anything wrong using men colognes because some of them actually smell nicer than that of ladies. Anyway guys I hope you can help me out. What I mean is, how about 'burning barbershop' by D.S and Durga? They say it has the perfect blend of tonics like vanilla, lavender, and spearmint. If I don’t like it of if it’s too masculine for me, might as well toss it to the husband. Winks!

I know this is the talk of the town lately been seeing this in my social networking site photos they uploaded sharing their Magnum moments, lol. And so i was curious about it because for me is just like one of the ice cream bars you can get from grocery stores or bending machines. One day i went to walgreens and grabbed one it was magnum double caramel with vanilla bean, at first bite i'm not so fond with it the coating for me is too thick and hard to get a bite :-|. The husband though totally loved it! However, i found mine the mochaccino is one for me, because am a mocha/cappuccino girl! (big grin). Since then i am addicted to that flavor and hubs the other one, so i have to get two of these for me and him whenever we craves the big M!

Are you looking for balance scale? I found a website that has everything and anything about weighing systems. I’m actually trying to canvass for kitchen scales since I think I would be making breads in the future. It’s hard to measure ingredients manually not to mention it takes a lot more time. With a digital scale, measuring flour, sugar and other ingredients would be quick and easy and I bet mess free, lol! So guys if you are looking for these kind of stuff as well, just drop by their page and see their huge selection of options.

The daughter really devouring a fresh juicy watermelon all the time, from breakfast to dinner and she never miss all through the rinds, lol. I keep telling her not too but she insisted to eat the rinds anyway! This is how i cut them so that it would be easy for her to munch and enjoy each and every bites! And for us as well, it's convenient and lesser mess.

We believed eating fruits is one of the best way also to protect our bodies from harmful elements that may come our way. Too much bad food in the market now adays and the only way to prevent them is to eat healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables, greens, yellows and red fruits and vegetables are healthier than we already thought! I am so glad my kids are fond of eating the good stuff! My entry for 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm! Wink!

The in-laws in FL gave us a call last night and we were told to go there this weekend. Oh my, a sudden trip we got here! There are plenty of things to finish before we leave so I’m so busy. One of which is to look for a fender bassman acoustic guitar. Nothing much really, my sister is just inquiring about how much this stuff cost because accordingly, someone’s selling a secondhand deal for that stuff. Well it’s really not that expensive I think because guitars are lifelong investment especially if you’re playing music as long as you want. The question is does my sissy know how to play one, I doubt! LOL!


For today's snack! It is made of rice cake flour from Philippines, it's traditionally eaten in special gatherings like holidays and fiestas. Typically mix with milk or water, butter, eggs and cheese, the bibingka is commonly placed with banana leaves to add extra aromatic smell to it. There are several variety of bibingka making.. mine, just bake it in the oven the simplest way no garnishes such us hard boiled eggs and shredded coconut on top like on the traditional bbk. Been craving for this in a long time!

Athena Wafer Rolls is made of  layers of crispy, light wafer filled with rich vanilla flavored cream and chocolate flavored cream filling in the center. It melts in your mouth sticks! Kids and I love them big time, It can be eaten with your favorite ice cream a garnish on top, a sweeter for a cup of coffee or just be eaten alone. No wonder my grandma in Ph is always requesting me to keep sending her the snacks, she's addicted to it, haha! Anyway, they are imported goodies. So if you like to try them you can find it at online store like amazon or local store. 

The picture defines itself! I never have eaten such good cookies in my life! Corny but true, lol. It's good, it's crazy, and it's yummy, these are probably the best 3 words described about this made from Germany luxurious cookies here! They are addicting and worth the calories. Try it so you will know how awesome this cookie is! You can find them at a local store that distributes them, they're limited stuff and sold really fast so if you happen to bump and see this kind of cookie in the food isles... grab it, don't give a second thought! Wink.

I have often seen it in the TV commercials and magazines but never ever tried it yet. I’m talking about Flex Ab Belt, the belt that supposed to grant wearers a firm and flat stomach. Who wouldn’t want to have a flat tummy right? Everyone especially for someone like me who loves to eat! If only we can eat anything without gaining weight and having those bulges. Anyway, this belt is a medical device which is said to be designed to tone and firm abdominal muscles. Through electronic muscle stimulation, Flex Ab belt effectively flattens your stomach more than the usual exercise.

Would you like to have your own abs-firming belt? You can get them in a much lower price through Using the flex belt coupons provided, you can either purchase the belt for up to 25% less or 10% less with free shipping! If you can’t wait to have a flatter stomach but has no time for vigorous exercise, who knows, this wonder belt may be the one for you. All you need is to wrap it around your tummy and hit the button! But of course, don’t forget about diet too, they need to work hand in hand for a healthier, fit and toned body.

She made my week happy by sharing me her fresh vegetables straight from her garden! Though we are miles away it's not impossible for me to not try her super healthy looking Chinese eggplants and long beans! These stuff is definitely top of the list of my favorite vegetables. It is so hard to find such veges like them. I have to drive 45 minutes going to an Asian market which is i thought it's not practical way to do every now and then, bearing is my agony :) when i craves once in awhile. Well, not until she send me these! Now am happy and content for a week to come, lol. Thanks doll!

Anyway, the day i got the package, i didn't wait another day to fix the yummy looking fresh veges! I went straight to my kitchen and gathered them together and cook my all time favorite pinoy style adobong sitaw(long beans) A famous dish of Filipinos. Just so simple, if you know how to cook the traditional meat adobo well you know how to make this, hence, you are using lots of veges instead! Meanwhile, for the eggplants I cook them of what we called Tortang talong (fried eggplant smothered in eggs and flour). My childhood's favorite menu. ^_^

You need for adobong sitaw:

long beans about 3 cups slice into 2 inches long
a cup of diagonal sliced eggplant (optional)
1 cup thinly slice pork meat
1tsp canola oil
chopped shallots
3 cloves minced garlic
1/4 cup soy sauce (silver swan)
1tbsp cider vinegar or datu puti
1tsp patis (fish sauce)
1/2 tsp ground pepper or pepper corn
salt to taste

  • In a skillet brown meat, add onion and garlic till fragrant. Add soy sauce, vinegar, patis and ground pepper and simmer till pork is tender, add a lil bit of water at a time just to avoid pan sticking. Add the vegetables, cover and let simmer until veges is cook. Salted is optional depends on your taste buds. Serve hot!

For Tortang talong:

3-4 pieces Chinese eggplant
cooking oil for frying
2 eggs
2 tbsp flour
salt and pepper to taste

  • In a deep skillet boil water along with eggplants boiling it until they are soften. Drain and flatten them using a fork. Set aside. Cracked eggs, add flour, salt and pepper altogether. In a skillet heat cooking oil. Then take the eggplant one at a time over the scramble eggs mixture, make sure it's well bathe and toast it in the skillet until it's brown. Serve hot with rice! Wink.
Enjoy Cooking!

 Today I woke up with a very pleasant surprise, alright I’ll tell you right away why! Mr. Postman knocked on the door with a box full of goodies for the whole family to enjoy. I actually wasn’t expecting it to arrived really quick so it was the husband who opened the door. Upon seeing the box, I thought “Oh it’s just one of his supplies!” But as soon as he opened it, a quite familiar packaging caught my eyes. It’s the goodies I was so looking forward to receive!

What’s inside the box by the way? When I say goodies, it only means one thing- food, snacks to be exact. It’s from no other than Herr’s snack product and I must say they’re the family’s favorite when it comes to everything chips. What i love about their brand is, they have an extra ordinary taste flavor wise!

The little girl and the husband love Herr’s baked potato crisps cheddar and sour cream while the boy just can’t get enough of Herr’s Heinz Ketchup Flavored, as he is addicted to ketchup, haha so evidently he likes the chips! As for me, I love Herr’s Boardwalk Salt and Vinegar Kettle cooked potato chips, it has the perfect balance between saltiness and of course the finger-licking goodness of vinegar! What I like about Herr’s is that their products are made with the finest of flavors, fresh crisps, and nothing but goodness and it is baked rather than fried! Thanks for the fast shipment by Herr’s and got fast delivery, definitely started my day with a smile! Wink.

Planning a trip can be stressful if you’re not armed with the right information. That’s basically what I learned from past experiences. Anyway, to have a sweeter escape, you just got to do your assignment. For instance, keep useful links about travel sites that offer a lot of vacation packages and deals. Like what I’ve got here, since we’re bound to FL, this Orlando Escapade online source of information about hotels in Orlando, accommodations, attractions, and travel tips is really of use. What I like about this website is their wide selection of options. I actually found an Orlando vacation packages good for six persons with free breakfast, free transportation and free use of amenities. It’s not a hotel room though, it’s a private villa which is way better because I always prefer something homey. But I guess I should be looking for honeymoon packages now.

The BIL is soon to marry, the husband and I are still wondering what could be a nice gift. I’m looking at Orlando escape on Pinterest now and these pictures are really inviting! If you want to spend a weekend somewhere, just visit the links mentioned above and you'll see that Orlando is waiting for you! Wink!

Mung beans soup is an all time favorites of Filipino, we're raise to love this dish so much! It's good with steaming hot white rice in a cold dinner time or just in a lunch with family and friends. I learned that the mung beans is nutritious and good for dieting and healthy for all ages. It has an element to eliminate bad stuff in our body . The flavor is so delicious that you forget to stop eating them, lol, There's plenty of style how to cook this thing but the traditional way is what most preferred. The housemates really love it, so there's no doubts you will love it too! Just follow my recipe! Wink.

You need:

One cup mung beans (rinsed)

Chopped chicken meat (either uncooked meat or left over chicken)
1/2 cup thin mushrooms
2 cloves minced garlic
small slice chopped shallot or big regular onion
4-5 cherry tomato or a regular tomato (sliced)
1/2 tsp garlic salt
1 tbsp canola oil
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 tsp paprika
1 tsp soy sauce
a cup of spinach
2-3 bell peppers for garnish


In a deep cooking pot/pan boil mung beans to tenderness, approximately 30minutes to an hour it varies. In a skillet sauteed garlic, onion and tomato until fragrant. Add mushrooms and chicken meat ( i used KFC left over chicken) continuous stirring until they're brownish color. Add garlic salt, soy sauce, paprika and stir. Set aside. When mung bean is tender, poured the sauteed chicken in the pot, add water of needed, stirring occasionally. Simmer it for 10 minutes, then add bell peppers, salt and pepper to taste, simmer for another 2 minutes. Lastly, add the spinach. Serve hot with rice. Soulful food of pinoy indeed! Wink.

Enjoy Cooking!

We had a fantastic lunch at Chili's Restaurant, family loves to dined out in this resto and I think they're one of the best place to eat with friends and family. Besides the food are great, the ambiance is also the finest and very accommodating!

Anyway, everytime we go to this place, the husband always ordering his favorite cocktail drink which is the mudslide. And for mine, i would never get tired of the Crispy honey-chipotle chicken crisper. This plate is so delicious and i really finished every bit of it :). The sauce is excellent not too spicy and not so sweet it's just right for me! The sauce ranch is perfect for the spicy sweet chicken along with the side of fries so good!

 Meanwhile the kids enjoyed the Chili's pizza, it is a pretty good size pizza for a kid actually. I also like the flavor of it, reminds me of the pizza in my hometown although it is missing the pineapples and ham it would be like a Hawaiian pizza. But still, it is a good one!

The husband, ordered his that day the chicken bacon ranch quesadillas, twas first time he got that and he likes it alot! He usually get a steak or something but, he wanted to try this that time. So overall our lunch at Chili's was fantastically fantastic! Would love to go back there again and again. Wink!

Back home in the Philippines, there was this group of kids that annoyed me every afternoon, why because boys will be boys and they just love to make noise. LOL! Kidding aside, they’re kids running to and fro the neighborhood, playing and shouting at each other, definitely having a great time. I hate it because I’m supposed to be taking my afternoon naps right? Anyway, If only I can play “Fairy god mother,” I’ll grant them aguilar amp and make them smile. Because they’re grownups now and I heard they’re very active in playing musical instruments, like they have an amateur band or something. And I heard they badly need amplifiers for future gigs. So would be nice to see them what they've enjoy doing.