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 Today I woke up with a very pleasant surprise, alright I’ll tell you right away why! Mr. Postman knocked on the door with a box full of goodies for the whole family to enjoy. I actually wasn’t expecting it to arrived really quick so it was the husband who opened the door. Upon seeing the box, I thought “Oh it’s just one of his supplies!” But as soon as he opened it, a quite familiar packaging caught my eyes. It’s the goodies I was so looking forward to receive!

What’s inside the box by the way? When I say goodies, it only means one thing- food, snacks to be exact. It’s from no other than Herr’s snack product and I must say they’re the family’s favorite when it comes to everything chips. What i love about their brand is, they have an extra ordinary taste flavor wise!

The little girl and the husband love Herr’s baked potato crisps cheddar and sour cream while the boy just can’t get enough of Herr’s Heinz Ketchup Flavored, as he is addicted to ketchup, haha so evidently he likes the chips! As for me, I love Herr’s Boardwalk Salt and Vinegar Kettle cooked potato chips, it has the perfect balance between saltiness and of course the finger-licking goodness of vinegar! What I like about Herr’s is that their products are made with the finest of flavors, fresh crisps, and nothing but goodness and it is baked rather than fried! Thanks for the fast shipment by Herr’s and got fast delivery, definitely started my day with a smile! Wink.


I haven't tried/tasted any Herrs product, I don't see ny Herr's product in my favorite Sari Sari Store. I should visit the Mall and check out if their grocery stores has Herr's product and taste its goodness too :)

Haven't heard of the products. I must search for it if it's available here so that I can try. Looks yum though. Enjoy your goodies!

Can you send us some? Great to have a box full of goodies. That is really great.

awww!!! what sweet surprise that is Sis :-) I got one box full of goodies came from the mail yesterday too :-)


yummy and sweet surprised. I'll pitch it sometime today

wow lots of goodies! Herr's have really good stuff. their junks are pretty tasty! yum!

Wow, that's a lot of goodies :-) Looks yummy too. Haven't tried those.

It's not available here in Pinas. Wish you could send some...hahahah

Looks like a goody find. Hope you can share some to us. :)