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Did you know kids eat free at IHOP everyday? with adult per entree ordered! Anyway, kiddos are wanting their 'create a face pancake' and they like them alot with slices of bananas and fresh strawberries with choice of strawberry yogurt or whip[ed cream.

Meanwhile, yours truly is mood of soup so i got their perfect combo of super yummy loaded potato and bacon soup which i think is one of the best potato soup next to legends resto that I've ever taste! The creaminess is just so heavenly delicious, along with the perfect side of half pot roast melted sandwich, the best roast I've ever have flavored wise! My goodness my dinner was so good, was stuffed! Happy camper me!

The hubs got his hearty dinner also we both in the mood of this kind of goodelicious meal. So he got his the sirloin steak tips dinner with omelette made with a splash of buttermilk and wheat pancake batter for extra fluffiness and a choice of two ingredients with melted hash brown. Served with two buttermilk pancakes with house syrups. We love IHOP, they always have the best food in town! Wink.


Oh my, these are mouth-watering! I wish i could be a kid again to have a free meal from that diner

yum yum! forget the diet and indulge the goodness of it hehhee

Oh no! That's not good with my cholesterol count...waaahhh..

oh wow! plate loaded! your food looks great and would need a lot of cardio to burn them after. But who cares! life is short, enjoy what the world can offer. ehehehehe! Those face pancakes are cute. :)

I am really intrigued with Ihop my husband always mentioned this to me. I hope one day I can set my foot on this place.

Yummylicious foods! We love going to iHop too :-)

delishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the foods makes me drool Momi Shela :-) I do not think we dine at IHOP yet :-) I should bring my kids there one day