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The daughter really devouring a fresh juicy watermelon all the time, from breakfast to dinner and she never miss all through the rinds, lol. I keep telling her not too but she insisted to eat the rinds anyway! This is how i cut them so that it would be easy for her to munch and enjoy each and every bites! And for us as well, it's convenient and lesser mess.

We believed eating fruits is one of the best way also to protect our bodies from harmful elements that may come our way. Too much bad food in the market now adays and the only way to prevent them is to eat healthy stuff like fruits and vegetables, greens, yellows and red fruits and vegetables are healthier than we already thought! I am so glad my kids are fond of eating the good stuff! My entry for 366 BPC @ Pinay Sahm! Wink!


my daughter loves watermelon without seeds. I have to deseed it first and slice them into bite size.

I usually buy the seeded watermelon sis they are rounded than the long once and smaller too! :)

yum! ngayo ko usa ka slice...hehehe!

the water melon looks so refreshing and muncy too :-) we love to eat water melon too :-) Dropping by from BPC.

yummy watermelon! we love watermelons specially during hot summer days.

visitng from BPC 229

i love watermelon when it's a smoothie or shake! was here for 229 BPC!