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Talking about fishing y'all! We are in the mood of fish right now, hubs and father in-law went to get fishing permits because tomorrow first thing early morning they will go to the best fishing inlet destination here in Florida! Looking forward for the big catch, accordingly, that inlet has variety of fish you could catch talking like Spanish mackerels, blue fish, yellow fish, red snappers and even cat fish. They wanted to join also on the weekend when the snook fish season started, the marina said this is the best time to go out fishing because fishes are insanely insane! Yikes, just the thought of it makes me drools already, can not wait to cook them on the grill! Yummy! lol. Anyway, on the other hand i have to check this for my sister, she's on this kind of job right now and she just wanted me to check something to this site. Got to go!