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I have my favorite bottle of perfume and there’s no way I’d trade it for anything else. But of course I’m also open-minded when it comes to new scents. I’m actually looking for new addition to my collection and this one I’d like to try some men’s fragrance. I don’t find anything wrong using men colognes because some of them actually smell nicer than that of ladies. Anyway guys I hope you can help me out. What I mean is, how about 'burning barbershop' by D.S and Durga? They say it has the perfect blend of tonics like vanilla, lavender, and spearmint. If I don’t like it of if it’s too masculine for me, might as well toss it to the husband. Winks!


not much into scents, but i don't mind anything as long as it's free, hehe...

by the way, can you please check THIS out?

I am allergic to perfumes...huhuhuhuhu.. not good for my sinus..said my doc..

never tried that. I'm settled with my VS their my fav now :D

@ jhey lo yup the bottle that i wouldn't trade is VS too :))

when it comes to perfumes and body spray stuff, I like VS and Bath & Body works products. thanks for sharing your opinions.

I have colognes and perfumes but I always forget to wear one when we go out :-)

I did not really like perfume only cologne...

I love Bath and Body Works products too. I prefer light and fresh scented perfumes :) I have a sinusitis so only mild scent lang ang akoa hehe

i'm not really familiar about purfumes like my wife... coz i don't usually wear one.. but imma let my wife read this post since shes like an expert in scents lol

cheers :)

i cant stand very strong smell. I can even hardly stand VS lotions. Most scents give me headache.

not really so into perfumes but it always depend on what scent. i love wearing colognes though.

I can't tell what scent unless I can smell it myself lol but choose scent that is light and not strong that would be nice.

there is one scent that I most love but i am willing to try other scents. why not try it sis? and it comes out too strong for your taste just give it to your hubby

if i like something i will settle on it, specially perfumes, because my nose is very sensitive, i like a few.. like the coolwaters, the burberry london and the burberry brit sheer.