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We had a fantastic lunch at Chili's Restaurant, family loves to dined out in this resto and I think they're one of the best place to eat with friends and family. Besides the food are great, the ambiance is also the finest and very accommodating!

Anyway, everytime we go to this place, the husband always ordering his favorite cocktail drink which is the mudslide. And for mine, i would never get tired of the Crispy honey-chipotle chicken crisper. This plate is so delicious and i really finished every bit of it :). The sauce is excellent not too spicy and not so sweet it's just right for me! The sauce ranch is perfect for the spicy sweet chicken along with the side of fries so good!

 Meanwhile the kids enjoyed the Chili's pizza, it is a pretty good size pizza for a kid actually. I also like the flavor of it, reminds me of the pizza in my hometown although it is missing the pineapples and ham it would be like a Hawaiian pizza. But still, it is a good one!

The husband, ordered his that day the chicken bacon ranch quesadillas, twas first time he got that and he likes it alot! He usually get a steak or something but, he wanted to try this that time. So overall our lunch at Chili's was fantastically fantastic! Would love to go back there again and again. Wink!