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I know this is the talk of the town lately been seeing this in my social networking site photos they uploaded sharing their Magnum moments, lol. And so i was curious about it because for me is just like one of the ice cream bars you can get from grocery stores or bending machines. One day i went to walgreens and grabbed one it was magnum double caramel with vanilla bean, at first bite i'm not so fond with it the coating for me is too thick and hard to get a bite :-|. The husband though totally loved it! However, i found mine the mochaccino is one for me, because am a mocha/cappuccino girl! (big grin). Since then i am addicted to that flavor and hubs the other one, so i have to get two of these for me and him whenever we craves the big M!


i think Hershey bars are better than this.... well, maybe that's because i'm not that fond of chocolate bars. tilaw2x ra mode hheheheh