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~Shot taken at Chef Lin Chinese Buffet via mobile upload~

One of the best food as you go to Chinese buffet to dine out! Been craving their food today so i asked the hubs to take me to the Chinese place here in town! There are two best Chinese restaurant here but i love the best one better, thought they have the tastier menus so far! It was a surprised for me because they don't have the crawfish menu before but when i first got into the door i saw them smiling at me! been a month haven't been to that resto since we went to Florida.

Anyway, who doesn't love carwfish? it's a fresh water baby lobster. They are eaten around the world. Sorry to those are allergic to shellfish but i always brag about how much I love love seafood, nothing compares the taste of them!  Look at the color of the crawfish,  so yummy and very inviting! They are good when you dipped it in the butter  and sipping it up to the head! lol. Spicy recipe with jalapeno peppers is what i love the most! Yummy indeed.