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It is my first time to make the mouth watering melts in your mouth slow cook pork roast. Been longing for this in along time. I learned that this is a Chavacano dish, a version of adobo or it taste like ham with sweetened sauce. this is always in the typical gathering or fiestas. I've saw a family pictures not long ago and one of their dish was the said endulsao, so from that photo alone i was salivating, i have to make my own in the back of my head, lol! It is very good for sure because it has all the stuff that we should say we should eat in moderation only or we have to control if people got a problem with fats, the very yummy fattening of the pork, sugar and all that sure you can't resist the goodness. You know bad is always good right? LOL.

Here is my simple version of the dish.

You need:

One whole pack cut of pork either a thigh or shoulder
1/4 cup soy sauce
2tbsp vinegar
salt and pepper to taste
1 cup water
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sprite (optional)
5 cloves of whole garlic
1tsp corn starch

In a roasting pan put the meat, smothered with the ingredients, soy sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper. Add the cloves garlic around the pork. Melt the sugar in the water, and add the sprite if you preferred. Cover the pan bake it under 350 degree for 2:00 hours and check occasionally bathe the pork with the sauce. Then uncover, turn the temperature to 400 degree for 45 minutes or until the top is brown. For the sauce, pour it in a small pot, melt corn starch and mix it to the sauce from roasted pork. Stir until thickened. That's it! Serve with rice and side of veges.

Enjoy Cooking.


wow, that is simply mouth-watering! Love it..I have not cooked that dish before, though. Thanks for sharing the recipe, might give it a try sometime.

yum... looks scrumptious and i bet it taste yummy as it looks

oh,my gosh! I'm so hungry right now...thanks for sharing the recipe!

I miss having this...I love to cook this but my husband don't eat pork that much especially if there's fat in it.

But I will cook this one day for me and my friends :-) Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Oh, this is so good paired with freshly cooked rice and iced coca cola... ahhh!