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I adapted this recipe from my aunt Jhey Lo, was browsing on her blog and bumped into very inviting dish and so i thought i would cook that for lunch. I used her recipe but the pasta i added was macaroni shells instead of elbow macaroni and i added some Parmesan cheese. Everyone was delighted and loved it and so am I! The grandma was her first time and she enjoyed every bites! I'll definitely make some more of the soup again and let other members of the families taste it!

You need:

A box of macaroni pasta (elbow or shells)
1lbs ground beef
1 beef bouillon
1 med can spaghetti sauce
1 can tomato chunks or 2 fresh tomato sliced
salt and pepper to taste
chopped onion med size
1-2 cups water
Parmesan cheese
sour cream (optional)

Boiled pasta shells until al dente. In a deep skillet, brown ground beef and drain excess oil. Add onion and tomato chunks, stir and add salt and pepper to taste. Pour the spaghetti sauce and 1 cup water then simmer for 5 minutes covered. Stir occasionally, add the pasta into the mixture, continue stirring and add a cup or so of pasta water onto, simmer until everything is tender and sauce starts to thicken. Serve hot with sprinkle of Parmesan or it is optional you garnish it with sour cream on top.

Enjoy cooking!


This looks so yummy and easy to make. I'm running out of things to serve my daughter. This would be something she'll love because it's soup :).

Thanks for sharing this easy to prepare recipe. I will try serving this soup recipe to my boys.

This is yummy and will be perfect for cool weather :-) I may make this soup when it starts to get cold :-)

looks good... yum yum... perfect for easy fix meals

Looks delish and yummy indeed! great to have for dinner :-)

oh this look so delicious and appetizing! i may try it someday once the cool weather is here soon. thanks for the tip!!

Looks good indeed. Another joy of blogging is learning new recipe's everyday. Cool huh?

This looks delicious sis...this is great for warming up during the cold weather

That is really looking delicious. Can I have some?

Wow parang super easy lang gawin will teach my bf about this recipe para magluluto sya for me hahaha

Looks easy! I might try this one of these days, thanks for sharing.

looks yummy! hmm the ingredients are easy to find and I might try this at home. thanks for sharing

This should be easy enough to do (I hope) so that my family can look forward to something new.

wow this look so easy pie to do. thanks for sharing. i will try this dish too

Looks like one delicious pasta meal. We love pasta in this family and they are wasy to make and can feed and army. :)

hmm.. looks yummy and sounds easy to do! hope my kids will like it when i cook it.

Mukhang ang sarap ah! Lalo na sa tag ulan!

we all love macaroni, that's really yummy.