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We always wanted the Sodastream home soda maker but we never got around to buying one.  Recently we got one for free from the company that makes them to do a review on. I have to say, the ease of use and the quality of the product is great. The drinks we have made so far are at least, if not better than the retail ones we used to buy. We use the filtered water from our fridge and just fill to the line and 3-6 buzzes later we have a great tasting soda using our own water!  This product couldn't be easier to use either. You just fill the jug with water, to the line, then just press the button until it buzzes once, then a few more presses to get the desired carbonation. The great thing I like about this product is the ability to vary the amount of carbonation in your soda. Also, with 50 or more flavors, you can create alot of different drinks, including energy drinks!

This is how you do it! We had tried first the orange flavored and kiddos really enjoy drinking it, my boy isn't a fond of soft drinks but in our nice surprised he loves it and can't get enough, haha! The root beer as well is taste even better! I am thrilled to make more flavors out of it. The husband was really happy he even bought 2 more bottles the next day! So do yourself a favor and go out and buy one of these great soda makers, made by Sodastream. You won't be disappointed!


Seen that one at SM.. medyo mahal nga lang...

This looks like a great product to try. I like to drink pop and I know that it is not good for my gut :-( This is a better alternative doing it yourself than buying at the grocery store. I try to pitch but my stats are not their yet :-(

I always read about soda stream and only this post and review made me understand what this product is all about. Thanks,you did a great and review of the product.

I've seen a similar product around here, I just don't know what the brand is, I might try it too especially since my kids go to school and they drink a lot of water...I want to make sure they have it clean :)

i've seen this product (or probably another brand, not completely sure about it) in the mall some time back and thought about buying it but i changed my mind because we're trying to cut on our soda intale. looks like a great product for soda lovers though...

awesome isn't it? i love this soda maker! i got it for sampling too ever since i've been using it! i plan to buy an extra bottle too.

you finally get your soda stream? how was it? Our's is just sitting in the corner after we made the cola flavor hehehehe.

I really want to try this, making soda at home. Wonderful product.

ohh! what agreat produt! my kids are not soda drinkers but maybe with this maker I can give them a sip or two :)

we try to stay away from drinking soda because diabetes runs in our family. once in a while, we do buy just so we don't crave so much for it :)

My brothers love sodas. Sigup papabili ako ng ganyan para mas healthy;)

We were at Wally world the other day and we passed through the kitchen section. I saw this soda stream and it was priced $79+. I told my husband that I will try to pitch for it and maybe I'll get it for free :-)

all i can hope for is for them to bring this product to the philippines, i'm sure to get one of that...

thanks for sharing...

I'm a soda-addict, I think I might need this one :)

oh,my! I've been wanting to buy one but they're too expensive for me. I would love to have one.

We still enjoyed our soda maker and like to have it everyday...

i have been seeing this review, and i really envy all of you, i have been wanting to have one too.

I really want to try this but I am afraid that I will just keep drinking if I have this at home. LOL

I wonder how it would taste like. looks yummy aside from being a thirst quencher.

how nice that you already tried your Sodatream :D mine is still on the corner, might try using it tomorrow. great review here, you motivated me to do it sooner!

Yes mom, ever since we have the SS we haven't buy any soft drinks anymore out from the stores. We just love this one!

this is so nice, awesome alternative to sodas on the shelf... nice machine!

oh, I just love this product...making your own soda is really fun!

Wow! Soda comes so easy with that product huh! No need to buy coke or pepsi at the store? Awesome! :)

i got to try this too and i love the product so much! It's healthier compare to a regular soda because you're actually using water and just put the syrup in it. I've been buying soda syrup too since i got this! my family loved it too!

very interesting, i think i have heard of that before but wasn't really pay attention since i am not a soda person, but that's a way of saving and making your own...

Congrats Momi for this product :-) I really wanted to try this but never qualified, hopefully soon :-) Once in awhile, the family likes to drink soda as well :-)

That is what you been wainting for, a free sodastream. Now you have no excuse not to make one, hehe. Good stuff you got for free, huh?

We used too much our soda machine hehe we even bring in a friends house to let them use for that night...

we haven't buy any sodas since hubby started using this soda stream. it's convenient and helps us save money from not buying sodas anymore

i just really hope they'd bring this product here in the philippines...

thanks for sharing your review :)

I saw this at Wally world and priced $79 I told hubby if he likes having it in the house, and he said maybe not coz we may not be using it anyway :-) But I love to try making my own soda though.

I'm actually trying to reduce soda and sugary drinks at home.

This looks tempting, and great review as usual, but I'm gonna have to pass this one up.

Still, continue the good work.