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I remember my first encounter with beef jerky, gosh t’was a long time ago when a friend of my mother came home from abroad and gave us a handful. So I became a fan since then. My sister loves it too. Beef jerky was not a common grocery item back home before and it was only available in a particular store. So imagine my sis and I so excited for a single pack? LOL! What makes beef jerky an adorable snack? Aside from tasting so good, they’re healthy, fun and versatile. Since it’s a packed snack, you can take it anywhere and munch anytime you like to. But for someone like me who loves rice, I have to say it’s heavenly when paired with it, oh especially garlic rice.
~Perky Jerky Review~

By the way, my love for beef jerky I guess will even deepen for yours truly received a handful of it from a very friendly company named Perky Jerky. Their Turkey Perky Jerky, not just sounds good but so tasty as well! It has a sweetened taste with spices that’s so taste bud-friendly. Not to mention, the consistency of the meat screams nothing but freshness. I hate it when I write about food, it makes me feel so hungry and yes, craving! Well thanks so much for these free goodies, they will definitely perk up my day! I bet my sister will ask me to send some as soon as she reads this. Winks!


I haven't actually tried beef jerky yet. Don't know where to get it here in the Philippines. If you know one, or your sister does, I hope you can share with me so I can give it a taste :D Thanks!

That's great that you love beef jerky, I don't like it lol.

I love perky jerky :-) They taste way better than the ones you get at the local stores or some convenient stores.

Okay, so this looks interesting. I saw one post about this and didn't get to see what's this is what's in it..hehehee, I might like it. Too bad, Philippines doesn't seem to have this.

I haven't tried it when I was in the Philippines. I think I saw one at Duty Free and some dept stores (imported goods) in our city.

that looks yummy!

I want me some Perky Jerky again. WE devoured ours like in seconds. Hmmm it was so good! I am a jerky junkie so this was sure a treat! :)

Those are good source of protein...would love to go munch on them now...

Oh beef jerky is really good I tried already and all the jerky is all gone...

I have read a lot of reviews about this. I hope I can buy that here in the Philippines.

I have tried beef jerky..the peppery one and made me ask or more. Sad news is I can't have it as much as I want it.

lami au momi noh? makapalit man pud ta sa store aning kalakiha tungod sa kalami, heheheheheh

I love Beef Jerky too. Very expensive yet very delicious. I can't resist it.

i've tried their beef not the turkey though. i saved it for PI :D they sure were good

I've been seeing this from other blogs also and my curiosity of the taste is growing more.

My kids and I love beef jerky. We haven't tried Perky Jerky though. Hope one day, we will.