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During our trip to and from Florida, I made sure to tag along my partners with me. It was a long 14-hour road trip and if am not fully geared, the little ones will surely be in trouble. Alright let me get this straight, what I mean is I did brought along the goodies they just can’t live without. The little man needs his cars and lil missy adores her teddy. Aside from them, there’s a foodie that’s so good, quite addicting actually. Did you happen to try Snack Factory’s Pretzel Crisps®? Yes, I’m talking about it and believe me, once you get to taste of it, you’ll crave for more! As per header, the little girl is the one who can basically empty a pack of Pretzel Crisps®, the one with raisins in particular. The crunchy sound of fresh baked pretzels and their delectable smell, indeed once you open a bag, you won’t have enough.

One thing I love about this foodie is that you can pair it with cheese, creams, fruit jams, syrups, ice creams, yes those mouth-watering equally good treats. And of course, Pretzel Crisps® are healthy alternative over chips and junk food.

So I grab a few packs and enjoyed eating while on our way home. But you know what, here’s a catch! A box full of pretzels, in 7 different flavors was waiting for us at home. It was so sweet of them to send me these goodies! My little girl now has her week consumption guaranteed, LOL!


I love pretzel, my son loves pretzel. I think they are amazing snacks;)

it is always nice to have something to munch on while travelling..

it's good to much something like this especially when your on the road trip or just plainly sitting down doing nothing :D i pitched this but i didn't get a reply :(

i love this especially the buffalo wings flavor. i would definitely buy this again.

they're really good right?! Am sure you guys had a blast during your FL escapades.

I heard that this is really a good chips :-)

Definitely all this goodies are handy for your kids. I'll do the same with mine when we are off for a long drive. Certainly helps them from whining all the time. Pritzels crisps are yums.

love this brand. hubby was in heaven eating the jalapeno jack flavor.

My daughter really loves pretzels too.Any kind of biscuits will do.Just like you,I always have something to eat while travelling.Pretzels are more nutritious than any junk food.

No I haven't but I love pretzels and these would sure turn me on.. lol