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Who doesn't love to cook? I personally loved to cook, my kitchen is my sanctuary! I enjoy cooking for families and friends ever since i could remember. I cook since i was 5 years old! Anyway, this event is so perfect for those who enjoy cooking as well for their guest, family and friends! So i am inviting to come and join us in participating this awesome cool giveaway! Rachel Ray cookware? how cool is that! She got the best brand ever friends! 

Welcome to the Give Thanks Rachael Ray Cookware Event!

Special thanks to our lovely co-hosts Capri's Coupons, Swank Savings, and My Vegan Gluten Free Life!
The stylish two-tone gradient exterior on the Rachael Ray Porcelain 10-piece set adds color and style to any kitchen. This cookware heats quickly and evenly, reducing "hot spots" that can burn foods. A long-lasting nonstick interior allows food to slide off and makes cleanup quick and easy. The rubberized dual-riveted handles are comfortable and oven safe to 350 degrees. Watch your foods cook without having to remove the lid to keep moisture locked in. Comes with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Number of Pieces: 10
  • Includes: 2-qt. Saucepan with Lid, 3-qt. Saucepan with Lid, 6-qt. Stockpot with Lid, 8.5" Skillet, 1-qt. Saucepan with Lid, 10" Skillet
  • Features: Clear Glass Lid, Riveted Handle, Nonstick Coating
  • Pan-Pot Material: Porcelain
  • Handle Material: Rubber
  • Lid Material: Glass
  • Finish: Enameled
  • Baking cooking surface: Nonstick
  • Care and Cleaning: Oven Safe up to 350 degrees, Hand-wash Only
  • Warranty Description: Lifetime Limited Manufacturer Warranty

One lucky reader will receive a Rachael Ray Porcelain II Orange 10pc Set!

Giveaway ends November 15th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

I’ve always loved jerky, sometimes I crave for this on breakfast and snacks. Being a jerky junkie, I thought I’m going to go for sodium-rich jerky all my life. Not until I’ve tried Krave Jerky. This healthy jerky with all its natural seasonings plus flavors that sounds delish! I simply loved it! So what do I have here? Garlic Chili Pepper Beef Jerky which leaves your mouth on fire, not really for children but girls my nieces likes it. Chili Lime Beef Jerky, the flavors come out as soon as I open the pack, Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky unlike garlic chili, this one’s heat is moderate, and my favorite- Smoky Grilled Teriyaki Pork Jerky which is made from pork and the ingredients are perfectly combined and has a hint of sweetness. Just right texture and smoky and not salty at all! Well, it’s re-sealable after all so you can actually open a few packs all at the same time, so to taste, lol! 

Oh well I can’t wait to get more. So, if you’re a jerky junkie like me, then you’ve got to try Krave! Check them out for a ton of stuff for you to crave! Try the Krave Jerky Sampler so you know what am talking! Wink!

Binignit, ginataan or whatever they call it in different dialect! I was craving for this in while now. Thought of making it yesterday! Good for cold days and famous one of the famous snack in our country, the binignit indeed! It's sweet and creamy, mix with bananas, sweet potatoes, sweet rice and coconut milk flavored it with brown sugar and of course the extra colorful stuff is the rainbow sago or tapioca pearls. Some cook it with jack fruits and more assorted added stuff. However mine i make it simple and yummy. Let's have some y'all. Wink!

Who wouldn't want to try organic products that are not just mouth-watering but most importantly healthy? We all do! So imagine my happiness when a box full of Newman's own organics products landed on our door! You see that picture above? My counter top literally is too small for all these! But ain't complaining of course, in fact I am only left with gratitude. I called the girls over to the house to join their cousins munch some of them. They love the sour strawberry and sour apple licorice, they said it was really good not the ordinary store bought taste like! While daddy enjoyed his assorted chocolate bars and can't have enough of the them, it's good though because they're organic! I don't eat figs bars however i like theirs so much! Weird but good for me, lol. I loved their peanut butter cups so much it is so delectably good, addicting i may say! The cookies are happiness in every bite, and so as other varieties you guys should try for surely you will love them! I am kinda worried right now they're almost gone but i am glad i found NOO so i know where to get again and again!

Speaking of, I'd like to share this blessing by hosting a giveaway. Please come and join Newman's Own Organics Giveaway treats and bring home these delicious and hearty foodie goodies.

The giveaway starts today October 30th and ends on November 15th 2012.
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Disclaimer: Simply Filipina is not responsible for any damage or loss of item and not liable to replace the item once the shipping carrier receives it.

I’m the kind that munches anything edible especially when I’m hungry. With my online job, chips, crackers, sandwiches, they’re my ever dependable partners that keep me company. Munching while being online is the perfect ingredient for gaining weight so even though am not finicky, I choose what to eat. Ironic? Not really, I just got to choose edibles that are healthy!

With that, I have to say Beanitos Chips, the original bean chips passed my taste. Beanitos, all its assortments- Black Bean, Pinto Bean and Flax, Pinto bean and Flax with Cheddar cheese chips, and Black bean with Chipotle BBQ are the only bean chips in the planet that’s made from 100% corn, and wheat, soy and potato free! Lab test also shows that Beanitos are low glycemic so those having problems with their sugar levels need not worry. Another thing, Beanitos is high in fiber, they’ll make you feel full, just how you like it for waistline management LOL!

By the way, I have more than I could ask for. That picture above speaks itself. Probably a month long supply of healthy bean chips, who wouldn’t want that? Follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more nutritional facts about their chips!

We had a great time last weekend, Saturday night we invited my pinay SIL and BIL to had dinner with us. That day we went to world market for my Filipino stuff and seafood. So the house is full of good stuff, so i decided since she missed the tinola a typical FIlipino soup that is mix with vegetables like chayote, cabbage, tomon and tender to the bones pork. Yum huh! So these are we came up, we both busy in the kitchen all late afternoon. We had pork and chicken adobo, paksiw or pinangat, fried pompano fish and of course the steam rice! Now this is what we talking about the real dinner experienced, for us pinoy! Missing these kind of preparation like we are in our hometown in the Philippines lots of variation of food to eat. Twas a nice dinner and we're all stuffed! We gonna do it again, next pit stop her house, lol.

Anytime soon the business will be closing and the new buyer will take over all the business and stuff. I heard that he is happy with the people who got his precious business that he managed for decades. The new owner is indeed capable because he got the staff that are the best of the best. Just like the commercial real estate lawyer raleigh nc, he got that! His real estate lawyer is the one making sure the deal is closed in great manners! So that both side are extremely happy!

These are my very first China set a gift from an old dearly friend of us in our wedding day! The collection is really pretty, they're old stuff like vintage collectibles, well she's an 80 year old back then 7 years ago. We are honored to this gift actually, the old lady had got gazillions of her china collection and this one she said it's her favorite and she gave it to us because we are her favorite couples... ahhhh! She passed away a month later after our wedding. I'm glad she let us inherited these stuff I'm loving it! They're my center pieces of my china cabinet! But in the meantime, i packed them up and goes to the box for now because we are moving, with TLC of course! Wink!

In the Philippines now, there’s an issue that fusses many and might cause a lot of controversy. It’s about the Sintax bill, where the goal is to increase the price of cigarettes in the Philippines by adding tax. Accordingly, if that bill pass, cigarette smoking will be more available to the wealthy and less to the poor. The government wants to copy other countries where cigarettes aren’t that easy to acquire. For instance, a box partagas cigar that cost almost a hundred box, imagine how much that would cost in the Philippines? Oh well, I wonder where is this issue heading and I also wonder why I thought of talking about it anyway? LOL!

Yesterday was productive and twas a long day for me. I started packing kitchen stuff and first in line was my China sets, i make sure i had them packed good and steady, i am afraid if not enough wrapping i make it will break through travel for 12 or so hours! That would be disappointing if ever. However, i double check it and now i am confident them to toast in the u haul truck any time soon. Will do more of packing today!

They say if you’re looking for a lifelong investment, something that will only increase its value over time, that would have to be on gold investment. Gold are for jewels and monetary purposes but nowadays, they are being use for cosmetics, fashion, and even food, gold quarter for instance and bullions, their value just keeps on increasing. You buy them now at this amount, wait for several years and your investment will double. No wonder many people are getting interested with this kind of business and besides gold are much more accessible to the public now more than ever before! How about you, what are your thoughts about it?

Who doesn't like this tasty Bistek one of the Filipinos best dish ever! It's beef sirloin cut into thinly slice pieces and tenderized it to absorb the flavor of the simple and decadent sauce you can imagine. My mom has the best bistek recipe, every time we got gatherings or family meal she never miss to serve them. I miss those old days, but i am glad that even i am thousands miles away from her, i brought her recipe with me! Last night i was craving her bistek so i managed to cook for us! Husband of course loves it and the kiddos. Flavor is really yummy that's what this recipe is all about the flavor of the sauce and how the beef so tenderly cooked plus the caramelised onions, winner!

The best partner for this is garlic rice! My top favorite rice is the garlic rice, they said i made the best garlic rice! It is easy you know. haha! For extra color on top i boiled some eggs and slice them for garnish, this is how my mom does hers too but using the quail eggs but since i don't have, typical eggs won't be just right too! Will share the recipe shorly guys!

You guys heard of scala rider g9? I haven’t so I hit on that search button and found out it’s the newest, most modern headset especially for the riding individuals. They are used for riding competitions and sort of like that. According to reviews, it turns rider communication at its finest and simply the best. Well what’s gotten me into this? Nothing really I just missed riding my father’s motorcycle, especially that big bike we used to have, my brother is such a speed driver and he often received punches and kicks from me when he drives like that in a race. Oh I just missed those good old days!

Kids and I headed up to next door at auntie's house to help digging up some sweet potatoes! It was fun for all of us we got descent amount that we dug up with the help of shovels and gloves of course, lol. Thought of making some baked sweet potato tonight or maybe sweet potato pies. The rest are too lil to eat so decided to keep for the next year gardening, the roots can be use for it. Kids were enjoying, but me not much after they a baby snake i ran off to the garden, lol. So freaking afraid of that thing! 

My cousin is stressed with her new work lately, she said she was so shocked and totally unprepared for it. But knowing her, I know the idea will sink in soon or else she’ll be so stressed, something she must fight because that’s when she doesn't function quite right. So anyway, she’s been bugging me to send some Thera Band hand exercise and a stretch strap if possible because accordingly, she can’t stand being stationary all day, everyday anymore! I know her quite well, she hates office jobs, the technicalities and all! Good thing I was able to find thera band here and it doesn’t cost much yay! Could send her some but for now, suck it up little missy and deal with it with smiles, after all you've been doing good so far. Wink!

Bob Evans restaurant is serving the public for decades. They best known to caters fresh produce and food for all. I am grateful i had to experienced to dined out in that restaurant with my family when we had our vacation in Florida! The food wise is superb and very delicious, they serve anything and everything from breakfast to dinner even snacks when you have your break at the office or work. We went there twice for our dinner however the best time i think was our breakfast moment. I tell you the food are great, had the yummylicious blueberry crepes with creme cheese filling, their pancakes with real strawberries and dribble it with homemade strawberry sauce? oh lalahh forget the diet but it is all good. Once in awhile won't harm you! I love my sunny side-up eggs with runny yolks along with the hash potatoes and sausages.. ohh the breakfast was so fulfilling, as you know that, breakfast is the very important meal of the day so we better get full to start up our long day ahead. So anyway, when you happens to come by where this restaurant is available in the area, don't miss to eat there, i assure you won't regret it! Wink.

Sometimes, you just can’t help but eavesdropped on other people’s conversations. It’s not like you’re meddling with their business but what can you do when you have an ear like a flying saucer? LOL! But I choose what to listen and I go for the up building and wholesome ones. And most of the time, because of eavesdropping, modesty aside, I’m able to lend a hand. For instance, when a fellow was looking for an online shop and a good deal on fixture clamps, since I know one, was able to give him the link. Don’t we just love eavesdropping? Just make sure it won’t cause you fuss though, otherwise you will get in trouble! lol.

With enough said yea my pantry is a mess! lol! These is where i get all my stuff for my delicious food. For now it is filling up of junks everything goes there hands down to that. Well, at least the kitchen area is spotless of things because i have huge walk-in pantry that i owe it for the husband. We used to have a tiny pantry with minimal storage so when we did our house addition he made me a customized pantry that i could go inside and roamed around like i have my own mini sari-sari store, lol. I loved it! I stocked stuff in there. I am sure miss my pantry when we go move to another state. I wish the house we getting has a nice pantry like we do right now. 

Was there ever a time when you just want to dive into the water and refresh yourself feeling uplifted? I often have those when I think of the beach. But since we live far away from the sea, that would have to be more of a wishful thinking. There are pools available but I’m not really a fan, I don’t know, maybe because pool waters are too cold for me that’s why. But I remember one time in the Philippines, it was sort of a night swimming in the pools and the electric swimming pool heaters were turned out, the water was just perfect and soothing to the soul. We haven’t try night swimming here in the States, that will be great!

Ok! Let the fun begin... yikes! I am not really excited about packing all our stuff for our big move pretty soon, however we must do it! We only have limited days to pack everything and we are so ready to take offs. Anyway, these are the needed stuff for me to start my packing, I requested some large and medium boxes, and of course the bubble wraps most importantly for my breakable glasses and stuff, for my kitchen stuff such as utensils! Just the thought of how much i am going to put stuff away makes me realized how stressing moving is gonna be! Oh i need help! lol.

Was very glad about my husband, days ago he got something in the mail a surprised one actually. He was able to owned a pair of working outfit pants and shirt and not just a regular kind of pairs but it is really a good quality kind of stuff. Got the carhartt pants on sale and a khaki short sleeve. It looks good on him and he said it is very comfortable to wear. I know that carhatt brand is one best you can get durability wise and pricing wise, you can't never go wrong! Wink.

We invited over a very special guess and a dear friend last Saturday night to spent dinner with us! She's our Mamajean, family, friends and my families in Philippines called her that. We all loved her and enjoys her company, she's always the clown in the group, she's a funny and crazy old woman, lol. Anyway, we had good times that night, the menus i had fix were simple yet fulfilling. We had spaghetti and meat balls for main entree, some fresh dinner rolls, green salads and of course some desserts! She loved egg pies (egg custard) so i baked one. Meanwhile, everyone is in the mood of cake. So i baked my version of dolce de leche chocolate cakes. I adapted it in a recipe i found online and it looks so yummy, apparently i thought of making me one!

Certainly, the dinner with her was really great, she loves the food and we had the longest chat we ever had, laughing and encouraging. We really had fun with her, and thought of doing it again while we are still closer to her otherwise we couldn't when we move pretty soon! I sure miss that old lady of ours. Wink!

There was a time when it was not. The little man tends to be pickier than the little girl when it comes to food. He was I think 4 years old when he will only eat pizza and nothing else. I was problematic back then because we know very well the importance of a balance diet for a growing child. I tried several ways to make meal time fun time and one very effective helper is Funbites!

As the name suggest, Funbites makes food fun in the sense that we moms can create fun shapes to make the food appear child-friendly. This ‘cube-it’ I have here, creates beautiful bite-size mini cubes perfect for fruits, sandwiches and even vegetables. In their plate we can arrange them in shapes familiar to our kids like a smiley face perhaps, we just need to be a little creative.

Meal time then became fun time and it was such a happy sight for a mother to look at her kids enjoying their meals. I must admit I do enjoy funky looking food bits in my plate as well, they’re such eye-candies which makes you want to munch them all! For me, i loved the miniature dolce de leche chocolate cake squares finger food style that i baked! If your child is a finicky eater, Funbites can really help you make hearty, happy meals for your child. So check them out and Shop FunBites!Winks!

I've been wanting for onion soup bowl in awhile now, since we all love this comforting taste of onion soup. Whenever we go to a gourmet restaurant, i would order it for my appetizer. I don't know is just that i am hooked to it! I like the taste of caramelized onion smothered with croutons and melted cheese, oh yum! So to make my story short, i super wanted these brown 4-piece onion soup bowl set! Just the way i am looking for serving dishes! The color is a plus for me, brownish tanish shades is just perfect! I think i am gonna get purchase this before it's gone, not bad for $25.14 with free shipping! Has 4 stars reviews and brand wise. Will ask the hubs! Wink.

Chobani Greek yogurt? I have to say it’s simply the best! Let me tell you why. Yogurt as we know has this tart flavor and a pudding-like texture which I found quite weird before, so I wasn't really a fan. But then when I came here in the U.S, the husband loves yogurt and somehow managed to change my mind about it. Well it wasn't really hard to have a change of heart because the health benefits of yogurt such a winner!

So yes, we made sure to have yogurt in the fridge all the time and we have our favorites. But then again Chobani came and now we’re hooked! Chobani Greek yogurt has a variety of winning flavors- peach, strawberries, blueberries, apple cinnamon, honey, vanilla, just to name a few. My thing though would be the likable mango. I miss this fruit so much so it feels like home when I get to taste real chunks of mangoes combined with a healthy, low fat yogurt. The husband made them his breakfast and I can see he’s so happy with it. The kids too are all smiles while having their cup of Chobani yogurt strawberry for the lil girl and pineapple for the lil man there you go!, well they can have as much as they want, it’s yogurt anyway! If you love yogurt and haven’t grab Chobani yet, you’d better!

The thing with soda, well I've always had a love/hate relationship with it. I love this drink completely for I think it’s still the best partner to a good meal. On the other hand, sodas are also the biggest no, no if you’re keeping a diet and want to be healthy. So what should I do when I can’t let it go nor make it stay? Well thank goodness Zevia Zero Calorie Soda exists, now I can even grab a second can.

Zevia Cola has zero calories, no artificial flavors, and no sugar, yet it has maintained the taste and goodness soda lovers just can’t resist. My favorite is cola flavor, it has this rare notes of spice and citrus which is very refreshing. Another is their Black Cherry flavor, it’s actually becoming a new favorite as well because the bursting blend of cherries and berries are so taste-bud friendly. It has no caffeine and you know what, it’s colorless. I am amazed by the Orange flavor, yes indeed it is colorless! We always had this fear of spilling sodas in our shirt, well you don’t have to because there’s no stain, mark or whatever. Oh and by the way, you can even include Zevia Cola in your dishes. You’re baked chicken barbecue will be so finger-licking good, you should try it! I had these cans from Zevia Cola arrived last week, and housemates and I enjoying it!

Corn bread or bread roll? haha. This is always the question whenever we go to this certain restaurant. I know both of them are good that's why i always said can i have them both! So the waitress/waiter let me have those tasty corn bread and delicious freshly baked buttery rolls. I've missed them, hopefully tomorrow we could go back to that place again and enjoy my cravings! Kids also devouring these free good stuff, always has been. Wink!

What is a dashboard scorecard? I actually have no idea so I hit on find a dashboard scorecard leads in the Internet and looked for a clear cut explanation. Well forgive my ignorance, I got to read a lot of information about it but I still don’t understand. So I asked the husband and realized it’s another super useful and dependable software necessary to make the lives of business people a lot easier and productive. Why am curious about it? Cause I was eavesdropping the other day at the office and that’s what they were all taking about, might as well find out what is it. That’s so me, curious as ever!

A quick and easy preparation of desserts during at the wedding. We have fixed these variety of inviting desserts from the recent wedding of my bro&sis in-law. loaded of two trays cupcakes, finger foods such as strawberries, pineapples slices, grapes with marshmallow on stick thingy, pies, vanilla and mocha rolls and bunch of candies and the cocktail punch was really good, they put a tab of strawberry flavored ice cream and just let it melt with the drinks. That's the highlight of the meal. As well we had fondue both chocolate and cheese. It is a simple celebration but was pulled it off nicely.

It’s quite normal when children living abroad send boxes full of goodies back home but parents sending gifts all the way from the Philippines are extra special. My family is like that, they would make it a point to send me something that will make me feel like I am home. I remember when I was pregnant and craving for Pinoy food, mom sent some of my childhood favorites, she’s the sweetest! By that time, she was also telling me something, some sort of a virgin coconut oil that accordingly I should keep in handy. I know coconut oil are good for massage, a tablespoon of it helps in digestion, it’s a great hair treatment for that strong and shiny hair, a perfect skin care regimen, not to mention you can also include it in your dishes. She sent me a bottle and I was like using a very small amount since I don’t know where to buy it locally.

Well you know what, I’m happy to know that the very thing mom was talking about is actually available here in the US! Tropical Traditions is America’s leading provider of virgin coconut oil and coconut oil, which are of course proudly made in the Philippines! As we know virgin coconut oil has the highest levels of antioxidants, which is very important for our well-being.

Now I wouldn't have a hard time anymore looking for virgin coconut oil here in the States, in fact I've got some! And that’s courtesy of course by Tropical Traditions. Thank you, i found you!

Even though i am the master chef of my kitchen but yet i still can't think and so confused right now and dunno what the heck would be fixing for supper! Brain dead is kicking again and instead getting ready for dinner seems nothing   come to my mind, lol. I need a rescue man! Bebe where are you?? Hope my sou chef will do the cooking tonite, LOL

Was talking to my brother and happy to know that he’s doing well and happy with family life and new job. But he also told me he’s gaining weight a lot and so as her wife. Silly when they asked me how did I manage to lose weight when all I do is cook? So I had to be honest and told them my secrets. It was hard at first but when you’re serious with a goal in mind, you can make it. Of course you can always ask for help, backing I should say from believe it or not, food, yes food it is. But it’s a different kind of food, an alternative that’s healthy.

For instance, I tried these new products from Superfood Snacks, a healthy and delicious muffin-like energy snacks which you can munch without the fear of gaining weight. I had their flavor of the month, the Chocolate Goji Treats, which sounds so delectable but totally healthy right? Well they are! Made from organic ingredients such as goji berries, hunza raisins, sunflower seeds, spices and more, they make a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors.

I had their 3 flavors the Brazilian Chocolate Ecstasy, Chocolate Goji Treats and Green Chocolate Dream. But the two are going to the box and will be ship to the family. I told my brother and sis-in-law these goes to them and I’m sure they will enjoy it as much as I do, they might even ask for more! You might check them out at their Facebook fanpage for latest updates and more!

I’m not a big fan of jelly candies but I guess those days were gone. I love it now as much as the kids do, in fact we are so happy to received handfuls from the ever friendly company Candy Galaxy. I was browsing their site and was literally confused on what to choose but ended up following my heart, and it says to go for the Jelly Belly Very Cherry. These bean-shaped, fresh and delightful chewy treat is so red! I mean, it’s intense like red but subtle like jelly. Well thank goodness I had this candy holder stored in the pantry finally put to used. The kids love it and basically can’t have enough, although I only allow them to have not more than 5-10 jellies a day, LOL!

By the way, Candy Galaxy has the widest collection of candies in the entire universe! You can choose from different assortments, shapes, colors, flavors, name it! Their colored candy treats are such eye-candies which would make any kid and even those kids at heart so happy. And of course what I like most about them is that they won’t hurt your pocket. A handful of candies to share with family and friends is cool and sweet. I’m sending some to the family in the Philippines and I bet they’ll enjoy it!

Meet my new sister in-law, she's funny, she's fun and above all she's a pinay! Yay me! She just got here less than a month. Anyway, i've finally have a company here that enjoys things that i enjoy doing, like for instance i love Filipino cooking! And so from now on i have someone with me seats and eats in front of the table all those pinoy food especially those exotic delicacies that no one will even try, lol.
Last week she spent hours with us and kids, so i asked her to cook, these what we came up, squid adobo, fried mackerel, and stir fry noodles in bisaya Bam-e and of course steam rice! We refused to go with our hubbies to eat Mexican food in the restaurant. We chose to cook and enjoy our lunch together! Lol, sorry but these are much yummy than anything else out there! Wink!

I’m not born to sing, I like to, I mean I really love to! I don’t need the voice to love music and be interested about it. I just finished watching this musical show over the Internet and it features a lot of different instruments being played by youngsters. A 13 year old kid playing with his well-deserved first-rate Ibanez guitar was so impressive. He’s just very talented for someone at his age. He’ll make it big in the future with talent like that. Anyway, there’s a new singing competition show in the Philippines and am about to watch it. Thank goodness online streaming are available these days.

I was browsing sissy's photos and i can not help to drooled over these food! They threw a farewell party or despidida party to my pinay sister in-law since she is coming here in the states along with my bro in-law. My family gave her so she'll be happy leaving away from our hometown. I honestly jealous (in a good way) wish i'm with them there enjoying and eating those good stuff! My goodness I've missed the lumpia, it's like burritos and stuffed with meat and veges then fried it to crispilicious! Oh the sauce, how can i not miss it is so  delicious! Been longing for the real authentic lumpia just like that! The pinoy spaghetti, the Humba, oh man! They're all mouth watering! And look at that cakes! Those are all my favorites, black forest and mango cake... YUMMY! Ugrh, i am torturing my self right now, LOL.



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Just wanted to share this yummy blueberry scones from local grocery store. It is delicious just like from Starbucks. This pastries can be serve in breakfast or snacks, but i usually served them at breakfast time because kids loves it! So if you haven't try this stuff yet, you better grab some on your next visit to grocery! Wink!

Alright I just have to say my piece about that floor stand display I saw the other day at the mall. I thought wow that’s beautiful! It’s the thing to go if you want to save spaces in the living room and I guess it’s the best place to put your flat screen TVs. Although I have to say it has a drawback too which is the pricetag, yup it’s quite expensive. But then again I thought maybe there are better deals online so I checked. Indeed, the ones from online shops are way lesser, actually even half the price. This is actually the reason why I always prefer buying stuff over the net. So guys in case you’re looking for floor stands, you have a better place to get them. Winks!

Isn't it delish? Who doesn't love tastefully crispy onion ring out there? Everyone for sure enjoy this stuff! Occasionally we do love to have this in our meal, my favorite are from Sonic and Zaxby, i think they owned the delicious rings in town! So i am very curious and wanted to adapt the Zaxby's style. Do i did my homemade the other day and i tell you guys guys twas the best i cooked!

Here is how:

1 big sweet or yellow onion (slice about half inch)
1/2 cup cornbread mix
1/2 cup pancake mix
salt and pepper
dash of garlic salt
dash of paprika
cooking oil for deep fry
Ranch for dipping
1 -2 cup water (varies)

heat cooking oil to 375 degree. In a mixing bowl, pour water add the cornbread mix and pancake mix using hand mixer until smooth. Add the salt, pepper, garlic salt and paprika and continue mixing. Set aside. Slice the big onion to circular motion repeatedly. Dip it to the battered mixture til coated all evenly. Then start deep frying them. Prepared a plate with paper towel for the excess oil. Serve hot with you favorite dipping sauce.

Enjoy Cooking!

Living healthy, it’s not as easy as it may seem. Today we are flooded with foods and drinks that do not promote healthy living. But honestly, we can’t avoid them totally, that would have to be possible only I guess if you’re a vegetarian. Cakes, desserts, sodas, pizza, there’s no harm in them if taken in moderation. On a second note, it’s still better to look for healthy alternatives that are palate friendly. Take for example popcorn, who doesn’t love popcorn? Our family is a fan, especially the husband and the little missy. They can never have enough of them, when we’re watching movies, on a lazy day, and even before going to bed, popcorn are favorite companions! I thought, if the family and the whole world love popcorn, there must be something very healthy about it and am right!

Yes, this snack is a very good source of protein and iron, in fact, it contains more iron than eggs or spinach. Popcorn have antioxidants too which we know is very essential for healthy living. By the way, when it comes to popcorn, Rocky Mountain a gourmet popcorn is one of our favorite brands in the market! Have you tried their cinnamon sugar? How about their caramel popcorn and white cheddar? I must say their Jalapeno popcorn is a winner! The nice thing with Rocky mountain pops is that they’re all natural, gluten free and absolutely none GM O kernels! When you see them in the grocery isles, grab some bags! Wink.

Haven't try toffee frozen yogurt by TCBY brand yet? if not you must try some, they are so insanely good, not just good as well healthy treat because it's yogurt! Can be found in grocery aisle in butter section! They have 4 varieties of flavors, strawberry, mint, i forgot the other one (haha) but the toffee flavor is my favorite of them all! Mom in law introduced it to me, since then i am also loving it!

How about scones? are they your favorites too? definitely mine! I got this fond of scones way back 2010 in Seoul Korea, i never thought I'll fell in love with the blueberry scone that bought from Starbucks over there, they have it in humongous but deliciously delicious! The crust is crunchy on the outside and super moist and tasty on the inside! I can still savor it, lol. So been looking for a recipe or pre-made or in local Starbucks before all they've got was the vanilla bean one flavor and i don't like it! Way far opposite than i have tried in Korea. I am glad Wal-mart has it lately, they carry the blueberry, cranberry and almond! They are indeed good and reach my expectation. Wink!

Chocolates- they’re not just eye-candy, mouthwatering and tempting, they bring along memories, ever so sweet and forever to cherish. My affair with chocolates date back when I was as young as my daughter now. According to my mom, her only sister, my dear aunt would bring me those sweet treats every day after work. She does it, if not, she ain’t getting any kiss nor hugs from me. My aunt was indeed the culprit for my missing teeth, lol!

Now having a family of my own, chocolates are still and will always be around, like an old-time favorite friend. Sometimes on lazy days, we’ll just have to open a box and finish them down to the last bite. Speaking of, I just got an Asher's majestic assorted box of luscious and delectable milk chocolates. I have to say these chocolates has a beautiful texture, the sweetness is not too much and not to mention it has almonds, we love almonds wrap in creamy chocolate! I love their whole cashews bathed in white chocolate, i guess that was the highlight of my day, lol. Kids enjoying every single one of them! We can't resist! A box of chocolates indeed spelled happiness for me and the entire family. I guess this some kind of “affair” would last a lifetime, and I love it!

 Forget about diet for now, grab your box of Asher's Chocolates and enjoy every single bite! Wink!