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Chocolates- they’re not just eye-candy, mouthwatering and tempting, they bring along memories, ever so sweet and forever to cherish. My affair with chocolates date back when I was as young as my daughter now. According to my mom, her only sister, my dear aunt would bring me those sweet treats every day after work. She does it, if not, she ain’t getting any kiss nor hugs from me. My aunt was indeed the culprit for my missing teeth, lol!

Now having a family of my own, chocolates are still and will always be around, like an old-time favorite friend. Sometimes on lazy days, we’ll just have to open a box and finish them down to the last bite. Speaking of, I just got an Asher's majestic assorted box of luscious and delectable milk chocolates. I have to say these chocolates has a beautiful texture, the sweetness is not too much and not to mention it has almonds, we love almonds wrap in creamy chocolate! I love their whole cashews bathed in white chocolate, i guess that was the highlight of my day, lol. Kids enjoying every single one of them! We can't resist! A box of chocolates indeed spelled happiness for me and the entire family. I guess this some kind of “affair” would last a lifetime, and I love it!

 Forget about diet for now, grab your box of Asher's Chocolates and enjoy every single bite! Wink!


i got mine a week ago momi and they're so yummy!!! nahorot gyud dayon namo, heheheh

I love chocolates i hope they can send me one for review too.

oh, I just love their chocolates....and the packaging is very good.

I love Asher's chocolates...they are delish to munch and I still have my sandwich cookie from them.

Very yummy chocolate! Love it!

Oh my gosh, those chocolates made me drool. It looks so good.

Those chocolates...and the way you described the tasty feeling made me want to bite one though I'm not that sweet tooth:)

OMG! those chocolates made me want to have one for myself! Self-confessed sweet-tooth here! I love love love chocolates. How can we get one for review? hehehehehe..they really look mouth-watering!

I love chocolates too! This is one of my favorite snack time indulgence! Those are delicious sis!

chocolates again!! and these arent even available in the philippines

yummy and delectable treats for the whole family :) kids definitely enjoyed it

These chocolates indeed look deliciously good. I hope my family can try this.

Wow, another chocolatey goody from Asher. I just visited a blog post about Asher chocolate earlier and here's again another Asher treat. Naglaway na jud ko!

Indeed a very tasty chocolate from Ashers. I got two boxes from them...

You were same just like my daughter,she always ask chocolates as a present for her.

Having a family history of diabetes i don't let my kids indulge too much on sweets. They even ask me first if they could eat candy. I know chocolates also has health benefits but not all of them,right?

Love Asher's chocolates. Our girls love it as well :-)

Oh mommy! Ours didn't last long. LOL! They are just so good. :)

choco lover here.. hope to have a bite of that chocolate you reviewed

i envy all us and canadian bloggers for the chance to take home freebies like this, indeed yummy

These ashers Chocs sounds like a perfect all-time snacks in my household. Oh any chocs with nuts for me please especially almonds creamy chocs.

Chocoholic raising her hand here! I agree, chocolates are heavenly creations, those look really yummy!

as in look so yummy!!!!!!
..sweet tooth pa naman ako..