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Living healthy, it’s not as easy as it may seem. Today we are flooded with foods and drinks that do not promote healthy living. But honestly, we can’t avoid them totally, that would have to be possible only I guess if you’re a vegetarian. Cakes, desserts, sodas, pizza, there’s no harm in them if taken in moderation. On a second note, it’s still better to look for healthy alternatives that are palate friendly. Take for example popcorn, who doesn’t love popcorn? Our family is a fan, especially the husband and the little missy. They can never have enough of them, when we’re watching movies, on a lazy day, and even before going to bed, popcorn are favorite companions! I thought, if the family and the whole world love popcorn, there must be something very healthy about it and am right!

Yes, this snack is a very good source of protein and iron, in fact, it contains more iron than eggs or spinach. Popcorn have antioxidants too which we know is very essential for healthy living. By the way, when it comes to popcorn, Rocky Mountain a gourmet popcorn is one of our favorite brands in the market! Have you tried their cinnamon sugar? How about their caramel popcorn and white cheddar? I must say their Jalapeno popcorn is a winner! The nice thing with Rocky mountain pops is that they’re all natural, gluten free and absolutely none GM O kernels! When you see them in the grocery isles, grab some bags! Wink.


Hmm, I am a couch potato and this is a good thing to keep in the pantry. Thanks!

I love popcorn :-) Hmmm...why I haven't pitch for this :-)

Wow popcorns. We love popcorns. We usually cook yung microwavable pero nasira pa ang microwave namin now so wala munang popcorn

Wow not pitching this one yet but will like to try...

Me again and what I will say is my hubby and son loves popcorn I better go ahead and pitch.

they really come in favorite is the caramel...:)

The husband knows I am such a popcorn monster. I will definitely try this. :)


my girl would love to much this for sure :) she loves popcorn

i bet they all taste good :) i didn't pitch it though.

We all love popcorn,nice to hear that popcorn is made to be not only delicious but healthy as well.

My little K loves to munch popcorn especially when she is watching a movie :-) I will try to pitch this Momi R and hope I will get a Yes :-)

so sorry Momi S :-( I thought it was Momi R :-( but cannot wait to pitch this popcorn so my little K will have a new popcorn to munch while enjoying watching her fave show :-)

No probs momi jes hehe, and thank you ladies sa mga laing laing comments ^_^

lami ilang popcorn ai :) heeheh, ty ani momi ha..gahanan au c R :) 7 raman akong nadawat, daghan au imoha, heheh

I don't really love popcorn but my husband and Little girl do. I'll check on this brand for them to try.

aww... lots of flavored popcorn. i'm sure these aren't available here in the Philippines (again...) huhu...

with protein? my kind of snack...hihi, I can be a couch potato and eat those! :D

i love popcorn when watching movies! perfect.. :P