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Bob Evans restaurant is serving the public for decades. They best known to caters fresh produce and food for all. I am grateful i had to experienced to dined out in that restaurant with my family when we had our vacation in Florida! The food wise is superb and very delicious, they serve anything and everything from breakfast to dinner even snacks when you have your break at the office or work. We went there twice for our dinner however the best time i think was our breakfast moment. I tell you the food are great, had the yummylicious blueberry crepes with creme cheese filling, their pancakes with real strawberries and dribble it with homemade strawberry sauce? oh lalahh forget the diet but it is all good. Once in awhile won't harm you! I love my sunny side-up eggs with runny yolks along with the hash potatoes and sausages.. ohh the breakfast was so fulfilling, as you know that, breakfast is the very important meal of the day so we better get full to start up our long day ahead. So anyway, when you happens to come by where this restaurant is available in the area, don't miss to eat there, i assure you won't regret it! Wink.