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Meet my new sister in-law, she's funny, she's fun and above all she's a pinay! Yay me! She just got here less than a month. Anyway, i've finally have a company here that enjoys things that i enjoy doing, like for instance i love Filipino cooking! And so from now on i have someone with me seats and eats in front of the table all those pinoy food especially those exotic delicacies that no one will even try, lol.
Last week she spent hours with us and kids, so i asked her to cook, these what we came up, squid adobo, fried mackerel, and stir fry noodles in bisaya Bam-e and of course steam rice! We refused to go with our hubbies to eat Mexican food in the restaurant. We chose to cook and enjoy our lunch together! Lol, sorry but these are much yummy than anything else out there! Wink!


yummy and comfort food here we go... bet you had lots of rice, don't blame you, i will no doubt have extra rice too hehehhee

yay! I envy you :(. LOL...having a fellow Pinay in the house or in the neighborhood will be a lot of fun for sure.

wow..the food is delicious, i am having a watering mouth right now...

Now, I'm craving for the squid adobo!!!! Those are my favorite food!!!!

oh,my! I'm craving right now...yummy!

Wow! It must be great to have a Pinay SIL.. makes you less homesick, for sure! that looks yummy, alright... and yes, I agree, eating Filipino dishes in a foreign land is like no other!

That is really true. Even myself would opt out of eating in a resto if I have foods like the ones ou have :-)

oh my, drooling for these now...i want some of that squid adobo

Oooh wow.. I have a watery mouth right now. Grrr.. but yeah, those are yummy! Mmm.. nom-nom! I just had my yogurt to thin-off my tummy back but then I think I don't have a choice Manay but to eat rice and viand because I am now hungry!

Good for you that you have a Pinay SIL! Yay!

kalami naman ani momi oi..gigutom ko nagtan aw!

wow that is really cool sis! i want to have a pinay sister in law too. i bet its awesome! look at those yummy foodies!

Wow! Good for you sis kay naa na kay companion diha nga ingon nato! :)