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Isn't it delish? Who doesn't love tastefully crispy onion ring out there? Everyone for sure enjoy this stuff! Occasionally we do love to have this in our meal, my favorite are from Sonic and Zaxby, i think they owned the delicious rings in town! So i am very curious and wanted to adapt the Zaxby's style. Do i did my homemade the other day and i tell you guys guys twas the best i cooked!

Here is how:

1 big sweet or yellow onion (slice about half inch)
1/2 cup cornbread mix
1/2 cup pancake mix
salt and pepper
dash of garlic salt
dash of paprika
cooking oil for deep fry
Ranch for dipping
1 -2 cup water (varies)

heat cooking oil to 375 degree. In a mixing bowl, pour water add the cornbread mix and pancake mix using hand mixer until smooth. Add the salt, pepper, garlic salt and paprika and continue mixing. Set aside. Slice the big onion to circular motion repeatedly. Dip it to the battered mixture til coated all evenly. Then start deep frying them. Prepared a plate with paper towel for the excess oil. Serve hot with you favorite dipping sauce.

Enjoy Cooking!