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The thing with soda, well I've always had a love/hate relationship with it. I love this drink completely for I think it’s still the best partner to a good meal. On the other hand, sodas are also the biggest no, no if you’re keeping a diet and want to be healthy. So what should I do when I can’t let it go nor make it stay? Well thank goodness Zevia Zero Calorie Soda exists, now I can even grab a second can.

Zevia Cola has zero calories, no artificial flavors, and no sugar, yet it has maintained the taste and goodness soda lovers just can’t resist. My favorite is cola flavor, it has this rare notes of spice and citrus which is very refreshing. Another is their Black Cherry flavor, it’s actually becoming a new favorite as well because the bursting blend of cherries and berries are so taste-bud friendly. It has no caffeine and you know what, it’s colorless. I am amazed by the Orange flavor, yes indeed it is colorless! We always had this fear of spilling sodas in our shirt, well you don’t have to because there’s no stain, mark or whatever. Oh and by the way, you can even include Zevia Cola in your dishes. You’re baked chicken barbecue will be so finger-licking good, you should try it! I had these cans from Zevia Cola arrived last week, and housemates and I enjoying it!


Is this soda good for health concious like me? After undergoing executive checkup this year, I am advised to be more food selective.

i want free soda :) can't wait to finish the ones I have in my list for pr.

Oh wow, that's interesting. A soda with zero calorie. I hope I'll find one so I can try it also. Thanks for sharing.

A soda with no calorie,that would be so great.I love drinking soda but I limit myself because of unhealthy purposes.I want to try this product.

I have decided to take soda off on my list as I am trying to lose weight but this has no calorie you say...I might give it a try :)

I am a soda person. Thanks for linking this up, I might just try it out.

what's the taste of it? is it like sprite? i pitched this but they did not reply. oh well!

Yay! congrats on the soda review Momi :-) As much as I love drinking pop, I try to quit or minimize drinking because of my gut :-(

This sounds good to me! I will try this one if i could get it for free!

however, this soda is indeed good to drink because it has 0 cal. Wow! this is something good!

I haven't tried this soda but it looks good. i love coke soda, for me it coke was like ulcer medicine hehehe

I have to try this soda! is this available internationally???

I've seen this in our local grocery store. Haven't tried it though. Thanks for your review. I may have to check them out.

Are these available locally? Seems a good soda to zip once in a while :)

I feel like i want a glass of this too. I am cutting down on sodas too but i drink the zeroes or those with no sugar

How I wish this soda will more effective that what I had use previously.I will check it out.

That sounds interesting might try some...

i would love to try one! thanks for sharing momi

wow really! that is cool. i used to be addicted with soda,before i can drink like 1 liter in just one movie. but i stayed skinny due to my busy sched in school. and now.. im not fond of Sodas.. i thought diet sodas taste funny since it dont have any spirit in them. but i am considering this one. maybe i wil try it in the future. thanks for sharing!