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Who wouldn't want to try organic products that are not just mouth-watering but most importantly healthy? We all do! So imagine my happiness when a box full of Newman's own organics products landed on our door! You see that picture above? My counter top literally is too small for all these! But ain't complaining of course, in fact I am only left with gratitude. I called the girls over to the house to join their cousins munch some of them. They love the sour strawberry and sour apple licorice, they said it was really good not the ordinary store bought taste like! While daddy enjoyed his assorted chocolate bars and can't have enough of the them, it's good though because they're organic! I don't eat figs bars however i like theirs so much! Weird but good for me, lol. I loved their peanut butter cups so much it is so delectably good, addicting i may say! The cookies are happiness in every bite, and so as other varieties you guys should try for surely you will love them! I am kinda worried right now they're almost gone but i am glad i found NOO so i know where to get again and again!

Speaking of, I'd like to share this blessing by hosting a giveaway. Please come and join Newman's Own Organics Giveaway treats and bring home these delicious and hearty foodie goodies.

The giveaway starts today October 30th and ends on November 15th 2012.
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Good product, very healthy for the family. Good luck to the winner.

those are good and nutritious product, your lucky you got a review from them

I love their pretzel rods and creme filled cookies.

joined :) hoping to win so i can share to friends and relatives

i won this goodies and i can't wait to receive them soon in the mail! I wanted to join but i already won from other bloggers.

lots of goodies... no need to buy because you have plenty of it now

Newman's Own offers great organic treats for both child and adult. Would love to win some of their products!

good tasting goodies and healthy food is a good pair

These are delish and healthy snacks to munch :-) I love the chocolates

I love NOO...they're very generous...and their products are yummy too!

So many foods! Sana we can review it too and receive many snacks for free

lots of goodies there sure the kids are enjoying them!

I have read a lot of good reviews for Newman's Own...I want to try them so I'm going to join your giveaway.

I love the chocolates and the pretzels....yummy and healthy to munch :-) I won the NOO products from Momi JheyLo's giveaway :-)

I can't say no to pretzels. How about sending me some?

wow, those were some freebies :) i want to have some too!

Organic and not compromising the taste! this is such a great product..thanks for sharing this one :).

I see organic food are all over. I guess people are really now getting health conscious and caring for the environment.

is the giveaway open worldwide? i wanna join.

Mommy is this open worldwide? Pwede sumali?

Wow, you certainly made it sound so yummy! :P Joined your giveaway, wish me luck! :D

I would love this product i hope i get mine they say they're gonna give me a sample. lucky you momy you got it.

I wish this giveaway is open internationally!

Wow, lots of yummy goodness :-) I am entering the giveaway!

I hope this is open worldwide. Too bad, it's not.

Entered the giveaway! Excited for the winner :-)

I absolutely LOVE Newman's!

cool giveaway! i love all their products

Heard so much about them..would love to try their products!1

Now these are the treats I'd like to receive!

whew! So many... love them all!

I love NOO products, the chocolate creme and pretzel are my faves

good and healthy snacks...who could ask for more