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We invited over a very special guess and a dear friend last Saturday night to spent dinner with us! She's our Mamajean, family, friends and my families in Philippines called her that. We all loved her and enjoys her company, she's always the clown in the group, she's a funny and crazy old woman, lol. Anyway, we had good times that night, the menus i had fix were simple yet fulfilling. We had spaghetti and meat balls for main entree, some fresh dinner rolls, green salads and of course some desserts! She loved egg pies (egg custard) so i baked one. Meanwhile, everyone is in the mood of cake. So i baked my version of dolce de leche chocolate cakes. I adapted it in a recipe i found online and it looks so yummy, apparently i thought of making me one!

Certainly, the dinner with her was really great, she loves the food and we had the longest chat we ever had, laughing and encouraging. We really had fun with her, and thought of doing it again while we are still closer to her otherwise we couldn't when we move pretty soon! I sure miss that old lady of ours. Wink!


yummy lots of goodies.... mo uban pod ba balhin si mama jean sa FL?

that picture of foodies there doesn't look like a simple dinner to me! bongga man na gud, lamian kaayo ang mga cakes! :)

delicious foodies! I love egg custard pie fact, hubby is making me one tonight...:-)

wow, are a very good host mami...yum!

Wow I can say that you are really awesome with that all foods...Not a simple dinner too a big one.

For me, this is already a grand dinner sis. I love all the foodies lalo na ng desserts.

That is not a simple dinner para ngang may party ehh hehe

Those are delish and not simple but superb dinner Mommy :-) I am sure that Mama Jean had a blast while she was in your welcoming home :-)

Getting together and with lots of food is a winner!

Yummy goodness on your table Mommy! I bet they're really a special guests :-)

look at those sumptuous food!!! nice sa pagkalami... but healthy gihapon...

thanks for sharing. gigutom na sab ko haha..


This is not a simple dinner... bongga2x nga!