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I’m not a big fan of jelly candies but I guess those days were gone. I love it now as much as the kids do, in fact we are so happy to received handfuls from the ever friendly company Candy Galaxy. I was browsing their site and was literally confused on what to choose but ended up following my heart, and it says to go for the Jelly Belly Very Cherry. These bean-shaped, fresh and delightful chewy treat is so red! I mean, it’s intense like red but subtle like jelly. Well thank goodness I had this candy holder stored in the pantry finally put to used. The kids love it and basically can’t have enough, although I only allow them to have not more than 5-10 jellies a day, LOL!

By the way, Candy Galaxy has the widest collection of candies in the entire universe! You can choose from different assortments, shapes, colors, flavors, name it! Their colored candy treats are such eye-candies which would make any kid and even those kids at heart so happy. And of course what I like most about them is that they won’t hurt your pocket. A handful of candies to share with family and friends is cool and sweet. I’m sending some to the family in the Philippines and I bet they’ll enjoy it!


hmmm, i love candies, too! those look yummy ... and great colors!

I have a chance to try their products too and I loved them!

sometimes, eating candies makes me a kid again!

Oh i love it! And it comes with a jar? ang ganda pa ng jar.

Wow! I love jelly beans :-) I had fun when we visited the jelly belly factory in California way back :-) Those are really good stuff!

If my boy sees this, he will surely ask me to buy him red candies, these are very attractive.

Jelly candies are so yummy. We love them since forever. Send some to me!? Hehe

whoa! hehehehhe that's a lot of candies. be careful kiddos, you might get cavities :)

now that is really have your own candy machine...nice!

this is great for kids!

this is awesome. imma buy zachy one for his own when he's big enough though... he's into jelly candies too..


Oh so many of that candy I contacted them hoping to have a reply...