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It’s quite normal when children living abroad send boxes full of goodies back home but parents sending gifts all the way from the Philippines are extra special. My family is like that, they would make it a point to send me something that will make me feel like I am home. I remember when I was pregnant and craving for Pinoy food, mom sent some of my childhood favorites, she’s the sweetest! By that time, she was also telling me something, some sort of a virgin coconut oil that accordingly I should keep in handy. I know coconut oil are good for massage, a tablespoon of it helps in digestion, it’s a great hair treatment for that strong and shiny hair, a perfect skin care regimen, not to mention you can also include it in your dishes. She sent me a bottle and I was like using a very small amount since I don’t know where to buy it locally.

Well you know what, I’m happy to know that the very thing mom was talking about is actually available here in the US! Tropical Traditions is America’s leading provider of virgin coconut oil and coconut oil, which are of course proudly made in the Philippines! As we know virgin coconut oil has the highest levels of antioxidants, which is very important for our well-being.

Now I wouldn't have a hard time anymore looking for virgin coconut oil here in the States, in fact I've got some! And that’s courtesy of course by Tropical Traditions. Thank you, i found you!


you have a very loving and thoughtful family! to think sending gifts abroad is quite expensive ha

wow, your mom is indeed the sweetest! yes, I agree, there is nothing like eating filipino food in a foreign land. I am just grateful that our Filipino neighbor sells some Filipino products.... quite costly though.

I miss my family abroad by reading your story.Yes,virgin coconut oil is like a magical oil because it has many uses.

this is a nice article for those people who are looking for a coconut oil and yet couldn't find one. I heard that coconut oil is really indeed good for the hair! I will check them out soon.

oh so this is a beauty regimen? i thought it's cooking oil hehehehe. i didn't pitch this since i wasn't so sure what was this for

I have the same need to review soon. I use it for frying the fish...

Aww.. That's really a sweet gesture from your parents in the Philippines. Anyway, I haven't tried using virgin coconut oil yet, but maybe soon :)

I love this coconut oil too, it smells so delish especially frying the dried fish :-) that is very sweet of your Mom, GOD bless her heart :-)

Your parents are the sweetest. They really take time and exert effort to send you goodies in the States. I always read good reviews of virgin coconut oil but I haven't tried using nor drinking it.

You are well-loved by you family for taking the effort of sending your faves from the Philippines. I am intrigued on this coconut oil and would love to try it.

dogay nako plano mo pitch ani...nice bani??

I've heard so much about this oil but never tried using it. I learned a teaspoon of it every meal would help make dieting easier.