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Haven't try toffee frozen yogurt by TCBY brand yet? if not you must try some, they are so insanely good, not just good as well healthy treat because it's yogurt! Can be found in grocery aisle in butter section! They have 4 varieties of flavors, strawberry, mint, i forgot the other one (haha) but the toffee flavor is my favorite of them all! Mom in law introduced it to me, since then i am also loving it!

How about scones? are they your favorites too? definitely mine! I got this fond of scones way back 2010 in Seoul Korea, i never thought I'll fell in love with the blueberry scone that bought from Starbucks over there, they have it in humongous but deliciously delicious! The crust is crunchy on the outside and super moist and tasty on the inside! I can still savor it, lol. So been looking for a recipe or pre-made or in local Starbucks before all they've got was the vanilla bean one flavor and i don't like it! Way far opposite than i have tried in Korea. I am glad Wal-mart has it lately, they carry the blueberry, cranberry and almond! They are indeed good and reach my expectation. Wink!


wow, you got me drooling there, mommy! everyone in our family loves yogurt, too!

We love to eat rice yogurt, it's good!

I have tried yogurt but haven't tried the ones made into this frozen treat. I would like to have some!

hhmmmm sounds very interesting. i'm not fond of yogurt but out of curiosity, i might try that one someday

look yum. my kid loves yugurt he has favorite flavor on it. but me i eat once in a while. i love the vanilla and strawberry.

i love TCBY too! we used to go there before when my sister was still living here in MI because TCBY was just around the corner of her house. Now she's not here, I never had gone to TCBY because there's none here in our area.

I miss their yogurt treats!

ayay! I'm drooling right now...yum!

Yum, but dangerous pud sa diet hahaha

what a delicious dessert!

wow love it. i haven't tried one yet but will sure do next time. maka visit nga nang korean resto.. hehe..

looks so yummy momi, panghatag beh!