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Have the passion of cooking, she's sharing you the goodness and deliciousness recipes from her KUSINA to your KUSINA! Or from my Kitchen to your Kitchen that will cost less yet very comforting that the entire family would enjoy! It's all about GOOD FOOD and more!!!

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While browsing my cousin’s online album, I noticed a lot of polka dots, from dresses, to shoes, and bags. I don’t know what she’s up to now but you see, sissy is kinda weird. Today she likes it dark, tomorrow vibrant, then polka dots for next month. I guess she’s bored, lol! Anyway, since she’s into polky now, I might as well throw some cute and fancy polka dots cell phone cases, saw some really pretty ones and it’s not that expensive. I’m planning to send some goodies for the family before the year ends and who can go wrong with cell phone cases, winks!

Another great recipe I'm proud of to share. This is family's favorite dish. I called it chicken stew, you can cook them in several style however mine i simply added the Heinz pork and beans and corn in a cobs. It was delectably good especially in tired and wore out days of long work you have. I It doesn't give you a long time to cook.


2 cans Heinz pork and beans
chopped small onion
minced garlic about 3 cloves
2 cups water
4-6 corn in a cob
slice chicken meat with bones
2 tbsp ketchup
1 tsp brown sugar

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I must admit that i am loving my new living area arrangements right now and it is designed by yours truly. Can you see the difference the before and after? how the empty space became the cozy and beautiful area in the house for family and friends. Loved my new rug so much, it is the highlight of the entire living room. Just perfect with my sectional sofa i had from my house in TN. Red is really the kind of colors for me, i like how it complement each other. I am so proud of what i have accomplished in my lil home. Finally we settled in. Still doing some touching up here and there, hanging up some decors in walls and all that kind of stuff but i know i will get it through in no time!

What’s in a mug that a lot of people just love to collect them? In my case, a mug or a tumbler is not just something where you can put your iced-cold coffee or hot chocolate, tumblers are pretty aren't they? You can keep several pieces in different shapes and colors and still want for more. Plus, a mug can say something, about time and you. I don’t know but when I think of mugs, I think of morning rush, coffee breaks, night-shifts at work, spending time on a quality book, and late-night conversations.

Since a mug can be your best buddy on your life’s best moments, I am now starting to collect them. My newest addition is from TimeMug i had it in red. Ain't no ordinary mug by the way, there’s something with this kind of mug that makes it tick! From the name itself, this particular mug has a timepiece, a beautiful one attached to it. What’s so cool is that it’s totally dishwasher safe. But of course, to keep them for the longest time, always make sure to follow the manual when it comes to its maintenance.

The photo above is TimeMug’s Natalia Red Rhinestone Eternity. The timepiece has beautiful rhinestones embellishments and its red, just the way I like it! If your heart ticks for time and coffee maybe, grab your TimeMug now! You can use Simply20 for a 20% discount on orders at their website when you checkout. 
Disclaimer - Product(s) received for FREE, contents are mine 100% and I am not paid to give my honest opinion.

Hi! I've missed updating my blogs lately, because finally we're settled in now in sunshine state! Yey. I also missed posting my new recipes here and there. So anyway, i am sharing you guys my black biko recipe or  rice cake. Basically it's made of sweet rice, coconut milk and brown sugar. Meanwhile, mine has a twist on it, instead just the coconut concoction mixture on top of the biko, I made my own specialty version. I tell you it is goodsome, they love it and keep some more, lol. So here is how and what you need.

2 cups black sweet rice ( can buy it at Asian store)
1 can coconut cream
2 cups brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 can condensed milk
1.5 cup water


Washed the sweet rice. In a pot steam it with the mixture of coconut cream, water and salt. In different sauce pan simmer the remaining coconut cream, brown sugar and vanilla extract until thicken the sauce. When rice cooked, mix together with the coconut concoction. Then pour it to the baking pan, flatten and covered it with the condensed milk. Preheat oven for 350 degree and baked it for 35 minutes or until top is brown. Serve hot or cold.

Enjoy cooking!

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If you’re into weight management or in simple terms, you’d like to be fit, then you probably heard of “The Mediterranean Diet.” For many years, it has been considered to be among the healthiest diet in the world! Well, we don’t need further proof, just look at a French lad walking down the street and you can tell. From what I know, the Mediterranean diet is mostly of plant foods and healthy fats, which we all know is good for the health. And of course long with proper lifestyle and a happy disposition.

So anyway, I’m pretty much interested with this Mediterranean diet and actually bookmarked some recipes and articles about it. But getting a taste of it, I’m just glad to discover Mediterranean Snacks, yes those treats you see above. Mediterranean snacks are more than your usual chips and crackers, they are made from lentils, vegetables, whole grains, and they completely gluten free. It doesn't contain any animal product such as lard, so if you’re a vegan then these snacks are for you! I have to say my favorite so far is their Veggie Medley Straw, it reminds me of my favorite childhood junk food, but this time I won’t be guilty because it’s healthy! My kids enjoyed them too! So, if we look at the residents of the Mediterranean and if there’s something we can imitate from them, more than fashion and style, I really think it should be their lifestyle and diet. What do you think?

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Granite Counter top is always a  beautiful choice for counter tops these days. It's timeless and ironic kind of material. For sure it will add a sophisticated look in your kitchen and it will give brightness to the room. I really loved the idea of putting granite tops in my kitchen and i am so happy that i got my wish! Our new house that we will just get settled in is fortunately got it! The color is so unique and vibrant the black marble smooth texture is just perfect for the light oak wood cabinets. Can't wait to do my favorite thingy here, that is prepping and cooking food for the family, i am sure will enjoy my kitchen! Wink.

Before checking about this web to print technology promotion that husband asked me to look for their new office soon, let me first greet you all a very pleasant evening straight from the Sunshine State! It’s Sunday evening and actually we’re quite busy lately because we just had attended our circuit assembly. The whole family was so excited because this was our first time to attend here in FL. Were thrilled meeting new brothers and sisters in faith and I am also happy to saw the happiness of my Filipina sister in-law who able to experienced this very thing for the first time. It is so refreshing and fun for the family and to be part of the spiritual feast is truly a blessing!

I been craving for this in a long time and since i have the ingredients so might as well make some. With no delay i grabbed and gathered 2 cups of all purposed flour, 2 tbsp rapid yeast, and 1 tsp salt. That's it! Mix it together with eyeball water to form a soft dough. Knead it till smooth and let it rice for an hour. I put my bold in the oven and let the light on for warm temperature. After an hour, toast it in the floured surface and knead again. Cut the dough in small pieces. Then make a long finger like size dough and twist it like on the picture. In a baking sheet let it stand for another one (1) hour then fry it to 350 degree fryer. That's all. Serve hot with white sugar coated.


While surfing the net I came across kbr-3d it’s a twin keyboard amp that musicians and leaders of a band used to make beautiful melodies. Well I remember we had this neighbor before who’s a singer and he was so passionate with playing musical instruments. He would often sing that song called Leader of the Band, and well it’s probably one of my favorite songs of all time. The song is about a person who’s been influenced with music and would like to do the same to others through songs of his own. I bet, our neighbor is one of them, a life touched by the melodies and songs.

My first plate so far, haha! Been awhile haven't went to Chinese restaurant because of the hectic schedules we have lately but not until the other day, i can't resist anymore to craved the long see long taste Chinese foodies! So hubs drove us to the nearest buffet here in the new place we moving. Chef Lins Buffet by far is the best resto in this area! I was so thrilled seeing all those familiar foods i love!
The second batch of plate i had! they have plentiful of selection of food, name it you have it when it comes to Chinese buffet! The fried banana is a plus and the other seafoods! Definitely my favorite place to go back again and again!

What are you going to do when you get a box, a huge one jam-packed of popcorn? What if they’re guilt-free pops, with only 39 calories per cup, no Trans fat and no preservatives, with very low calorie and a great source of fiber? Well simple, indulge! I was actually in disbelief when the box landed on our doorway several weeks ago, although I was expecting for its arrival but t’was a surprise it’s that much! So who went smiling big time? Everyone in the household is such a lover of popcorn. The husband was happy to know his got plenty of stock and the little girl were all giggles and “thank you mamas!”

I’m talking about nothing else than Skinny Pop popcorn. It’s not just one of the best-tasting popcorn in the world but most importantly healthy and can help you stay skinny. Because it is low in calories and no fat, and no artificial anything, there won’t be a feeling of guilt after finishing a dozen of packs! It’s great to munch on movie nights with the family and a happy thing to throw to friends. The husband got addicted with it and so i am. We had our long drive going to Florida last week and so i brought some and we enjoyed munching it at the trip! I should brought more bags of it, lol.

If you love pops and don’t want to gain weight, you should try Skinny Pop. Please visit them online to order because I don’t think you’d see them at the grocery stalls. Wink!

Talking about long trips? while your on the roads best way to keep you awake is to have  cup of Dunkin' Donuts latte cappuccino along with a box of assorted DD's, lol. This what happened a week ago when we headed up to Florida, took us 17 hours on the roads just slow and steady with heavy loads behind. It was a very long drive and we arrived like almost 2 am the following day. So when we saw Dunkin' Donuts on the roads we grabbed quite few! Wink.

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I never thought that I could possibly end up being a writer/blogger, much more make a living out of it. Growing up, I never had the tick or the talent to turn my thoughts into words. My sister was the scribe-type, there were times when I would bribe her just to compose a short, mushy poem. But then again, things are different now. I write not just to express my thoughts but because I have to, I mean I am obliged. Nevertheless am enjoying it now and actually getting the hang of it! A day won’t actually pass without me writing or at least making a draft. Though, I am very much aware that when it comes to writing, I am still an amateur. I admire those people behind successful books and stories, and yes those minds behind custom research paper, they’re simply genius.

About the latter, was there ever a time when you hired one? Research papers, thesis, essays, were the things I dread when I was in college, I can’t believe I made it through LOL! Anyway, if you are suppose to pass a term paper, a case study, reviews, or reports but lack time and doesn’t have the flair to do so, you can now hire professionals willing to do the job for you. Just visit Best Term Paper dot com and your problems are solved! If they were around before, I would probably ask their hand and get an A! Winks!

Today's snack for kids is brownie. They insisted me to baked them some! The lil boy found a box of brownie mix in the pantry so he asked it with matching a pity voice, haha! Oh well since i am craving too for quite sometimes now why not bake some. So this is the finished product, they are all excited even watching the oven timer so they know when it's cooked! Funny. It is ready mix Filipino brownies which is i like it, we all like it because it's moist and not so sweet. Have a happy snack everyone!

I almost forgot, I took history in college, in fact it was my major. They used to asked me why I took such a course when I could have opted for something else, something that’s more in-demand and profitable. But you know what? I was happy then when I chose that path, I’m actually grateful. It taught me a lot of things normally we wouldn't bother knowing like the history of a particular country and its people. Because of it, I was able to explore several places and discover a whole lot of things. It nurtured the wanderlust in me that until now I’m pretty guilty. LOL!

In one of our discussions, how can I forget that? We were told to do a reporting about our chosen place and bring along props that will describe it. Some bought textiles, and silverware, what stood out however was the Tibetan singing bowls that made a lot of noise, beautiful ones actually. There was a lot of learning and fun at the same time. When it comes to school, many would suggest what course to take, but I’m a believer that learning should come from the heart. When you’re happy with what you’re into, you’re not just learning, you’re actually living and have it within you for the longest time. On a second note, I just got to mention that I recently know where to find those singing bowls and other unique handicrafts from the Himalayas, Click Here Tibetan Singing Bowls and you’ll see different kinds of these ancient instruments. Actually it is really cool kind of instrument! And i think you can use it for your cooking, hmmm that would be interesting! Multi purpose piece huh!