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If you’re into weight management or in simple terms, you’d like to be fit, then you probably heard of “The Mediterranean Diet.” For many years, it has been considered to be among the healthiest diet in the world! Well, we don’t need further proof, just look at a French lad walking down the street and you can tell. From what I know, the Mediterranean diet is mostly of plant foods and healthy fats, which we all know is good for the health. And of course long with proper lifestyle and a happy disposition.

So anyway, I’m pretty much interested with this Mediterranean diet and actually bookmarked some recipes and articles about it. But getting a taste of it, I’m just glad to discover Mediterranean Snacks, yes those treats you see above. Mediterranean snacks are more than your usual chips and crackers, they are made from lentils, vegetables, whole grains, and they completely gluten free. It doesn't contain any animal product such as lard, so if you’re a vegan then these snacks are for you! I have to say my favorite so far is their Veggie Medley Straw, it reminds me of my favorite childhood junk food, but this time I won’t be guilty because it’s healthy! My kids enjoyed them too! So, if we look at the residents of the Mediterranean and if there’s something we can imitate from them, more than fashion and style, I really think it should be their lifestyle and diet. What do you think?

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