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I must admit that i am loving my new living area arrangements right now and it is designed by yours truly. Can you see the difference the before and after? how the empty space became the cozy and beautiful area in the house for family and friends. Loved my new rug so much, it is the highlight of the entire living room. Just perfect with my sectional sofa i had from my house in TN. Red is really the kind of colors for me, i like how it complement each other. I am so proud of what i have accomplished in my lil home. Finally we settled in. Still doing some touching up here and there, hanging up some decors in walls and all that kind of stuff but i know i will get it through in no time!


wow feel so cozzy, i might want to hang out in that place even more,

beautiful set up of your living room Momi and yes! that rug really makes a big difference :-) It match with your couch too :-) Great job :-)

Wow it looks pretty and it adds the beauty inside the rug...

You are good at designing ;) cozy ng living room ;)

I love the design of your rug. it complement your sofa corner set. it too.. congrats gwaps , so pretty and cozy jud. red color is perfect too, holidays u know:)

You did a great job decorating your place. I am sure in no time it will feel homey and will look beautiful. :) Love the rug as well.

The rug is pretty and it does match with your sectionals. Nice arrangement mommy!

oh i love the color of your couch! its so pretty! and the rug goes with it. congrats!

Super love the carpet! and congratulations sis! great taste! i love what you did, fabulous and elegant!