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Students these days are very lucky because they can use different resources to lessen the burden of wring thesis or research papers.

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I think writing a research paper is one of the strongest ways available to students to learn critical thinking. The activity of reading, understanding, and accurately quoting a variety of materials, then synthesizing them to create an original work, seems vital to me, and I don’t think any other type of assignment replicates it.

This is amazing! I wish I have found them when I was in college. I hate writing research paper and this might be a good alternative to get an A!!

i wish i would have known this site before but oh well i've succeeded my college years and i think it's worth it if you do your own research than having someone do it on our behalf because we won't learn anything from it.

I do no think I write an essay back in college but we are ask to create a product that is not exist in the market :-) It was tiring but fun thing to do :-)

doing research is something not want to do back when I am still a student.. this generation are lucky to have a lot of references with the help of internet

When I was in college, I had lots of writing projects. Brain-draining but rewarding.


We can never really learn unless we do it.

Gosh, research papers really take so much of our time, as if it's the only thing we do in college. Sometimes it's really just practical to let experts write it. :)

Isn't that something that now a days you can readily find help online when it comes to things you need. Doing a research paper in college sure is a task and takes up a lot of your time, money and effort. It is always nice too though if you have some help or guide.

These assignments are made for students so they can learn from it. Nothing will happen if they depend on someone who will do their research for them. Just my two cents.