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What are you going to do when you get a box, a huge one jam-packed of popcorn? What if they’re guilt-free pops, with only 39 calories per cup, no Trans fat and no preservatives, with very low calorie and a great source of fiber? Well simple, indulge! I was actually in disbelief when the box landed on our doorway several weeks ago, although I was expecting for its arrival but t’was a surprise it’s that much! So who went smiling big time? Everyone in the household is such a lover of popcorn. The husband was happy to know his got plenty of stock and the little girl were all giggles and “thank you mamas!”

I’m talking about nothing else than Skinny Pop popcorn. It’s not just one of the best-tasting popcorn in the world but most importantly healthy and can help you stay skinny. Because it is low in calories and no fat, and no artificial anything, there won’t be a feeling of guilt after finishing a dozen of packs! It’s great to munch on movie nights with the family and a happy thing to throw to friends. The husband got addicted with it and so i am. We had our long drive going to Florida last week and so i brought some and we enjoyed munching it at the trip! I should brought more bags of it, lol.

If you love pops and don’t want to gain weight, you should try Skinny Pop. Please visit them online to order because I don’t think you’d see them at the grocery stalls. Wink!