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I almost forgot, I took history in college, in fact it was my major. They used to asked me why I took such a course when I could have opted for something else, something that’s more in-demand and profitable. But you know what? I was happy then when I chose that path, I’m actually grateful. It taught me a lot of things normally we wouldn't bother knowing like the history of a particular country and its people. Because of it, I was able to explore several places and discover a whole lot of things. It nurtured the wanderlust in me that until now I’m pretty guilty. LOL!

In one of our discussions, how can I forget that? We were told to do a reporting about our chosen place and bring along props that will describe it. Some bought textiles, and silverware, what stood out however was the Tibetan singing bowls that made a lot of noise, beautiful ones actually. There was a lot of learning and fun at the same time. When it comes to school, many would suggest what course to take, but I’m a believer that learning should come from the heart. When you’re happy with what you’re into, you’re not just learning, you’re actually living and have it within you for the longest time. On a second note, I just got to mention that I recently know where to find those singing bowls and other unique handicrafts from the Himalayas, Click Here Tibetan Singing Bowls and you’ll see different kinds of these ancient instruments. Actually it is really cool kind of instrument! And i think you can use it for your cooking, hmmm that would be interesting! Multi purpose piece huh!