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What’s in a mug that a lot of people just love to collect them? In my case, a mug or a tumbler is not just something where you can put your iced-cold coffee or hot chocolate, tumblers are pretty aren't they? You can keep several pieces in different shapes and colors and still want for more. Plus, a mug can say something, about time and you. I don’t know but when I think of mugs, I think of morning rush, coffee breaks, night-shifts at work, spending time on a quality book, and late-night conversations.

Since a mug can be your best buddy on your life’s best moments, I am now starting to collect them. My newest addition is from TimeMug i had it in red. Ain't no ordinary mug by the way, there’s something with this kind of mug that makes it tick! From the name itself, this particular mug has a timepiece, a beautiful one attached to it. What’s so cool is that it’s totally dishwasher safe. But of course, to keep them for the longest time, always make sure to follow the manual when it comes to its maintenance.

The photo above is TimeMug’s Natalia Red Rhinestone Eternity. The timepiece has beautiful rhinestones embellishments and its red, just the way I like it! If your heart ticks for time and coffee maybe, grab your TimeMug now! You can use Simply20 for a 20% discount on orders at their website when you checkout. 
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I also have a mug, but not from TimeMug.. Yes! so true, mugs for me also are for coffeebreaks, morning buddy with readable materials and a lot more.. and since most of mugs are very handy, in my case, I can just have them with me during my rotations in the hospital..

that's neat. never seen anything like that until now. this is surely a worth collecting for

wow! that's a gorgeous mug sis! it will tell you it's time to use it and it's time to wash it! hahaha. i love it! i am not a coffee drinker so i am fine without a mug. i do collect some, those personalized ones and just put them on display. lol

That is very cool mug as it has time piece in it as well. You won't be late going back to work after a break with that :-)

Wow nice mug.. I also have a mug collection but it was my first time to see that one.. I wonder if its available in the mall...

what a clever invention, that would make us all be on time at the same time enjoy the sip of a warm coffee or cocoa

Aw, that's different. It's my first time to see a mug with a timepiece. Naa jud orasan ba.

hehe.. I collects mug when i was still single..i don't know, i just love to watch it and of course use it.. but that tumbler is simply niiiccceee. I want that TimeMug please:) Hmm, gonna check 'em:)

time mug, cool...this is so original, I like it...I hope to have one, it would be fun to have a mug like that you can bring anywhere