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So while waiting for the sister to get online might as well browse the net and hope to find something nice to share. Enough first with shopping and products, this time it’s all about ideas. Well I found something that might interest you especially if you are into conservation of the environment. A lot of people nowadays want to go green and actually push such kind of advocacy. Why because they have seen the world changed in so many ways, when it comes to the environment, it’s only getting worst. In their little ways, they’d like to help so they started a sort of a forum, a place in the virtual world wherein they can post anything and everything about the environment. Their goal is to address issues about the planet earth, answer Environmental Questions, share tips and ideas and of course, some interesting facts about the world where we live in. I actually find it cool, the topics they discuss are timely and upbeat, the common Joe won’t have a hard time relating to it.

So anyway, you can visit the link above and it will lead you to the website am talking about. Have fun learning and join in taking care of our environment!