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I've been so busy these fast few days and felt like i am neglecting my other babies. I'm talking about my blogs! Since last week my time was turn to baking. I got orders from local town here, lol. I was ecstatic knowing that I've got orders and they loved my cakes! Here are the cakes i have baked today and tomorrow i have orders again. As well my breads. When they saw the pictures on facebook that i posted that "accepting pre-orders" in my pleasant surprised somebody really wanted to try it! Isn't it great? been wanting this in a long time that somehow someday somebody will noticed my creations and love of baking. Will definitely continue this hobby of mine til i have people loves it! Wink.

On the second note, will have to make up sometime in blogging right now, haha!


Oh wow, wish I could bake like you! Those looks really good!

whew! that's a lot of cake hehhehe. well it's always good to keep ourselves busy into something we are good at. i bet you didn't even noticed the time has gone by so quickly

wow those are really lovely cakes + they look delicious, too! if we are neighbors i will definitely order from you! :D

baking is something i would love to learn, hopefully i will be able to do so real soon!

Everything looks delish!! Everyone's excused from blogging during the holidays so don't feel bad! Haha!

awwwwww..those cakes look really good mami...I can't wait to try your bread...ehehhee!

Those cakes are mouthwatering!!! I'm also guilty in neglecting some of my blogs this season...

that's really plenty and looks really yummy,