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What do you do after a long, pooped out day? Let me rephrase, what do you eat to rid the fuss away? I have many comfort foods but this time, I want an ice cream! The past days were so busy cause am actually starting a new venture here in our new place. What I like about it is because it has something to do with what I love the most, and that’s food. So I've been a busy-body with so many things to accomplish in so little time. So I’m looking for a cure, something that helps me keep going and still be energetic, and I found no less than Arztic Zero- The World’s Super Dessert!

You see, Arztic Zero is no ordinary ice cream. They don’t just taste yummy but the best part, they’re healthy! It's a shake in an ice cream form which i like the most because my family loves shakes every now and then with all our favorite flavors to make. Per pin contains only 150 cal, all-natural, fat-free and gluten friendly. They are perfect for those on a diet but can’t afford to miss out on their favorite frozen dessert.  They comes in 8 different flavors and you can mix and match them with your favorite fruits to make a shake, just like what we did was strawberry milk shake. We use a pin of Arctic Zero Strawberry in it and add some fresh fruits like bananas and strawberries with milk and the vanilla flavor too and it's good!

Thank you AZ for making me happy and kicking with your ice creams. It’s not just me who’s happy but the kids as well, you see the photo above? The kids can’t get enough of them, good thing this kind of ice cream are very healthy and tummy-friendly. Don’t you just agree that ice creams are indeed one of the best cures in the planet? Winks! Go grab your Arztic Zero frozen treats now and indulge at Amazon.

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ice cream is also one of my comfort foods. it does not matter whether i have cough or colds, as long as i am craving for it, it eat it! :)

btw, those ice cream look really delish! can i have some? ;)

now i'm craving for ice cream. i love to top it on almost everything. you can top it on pancakes or make an ice cream sandwich. you can also make a softdrink float with this. yummmyyyyy

I'd love to try these for myself! I'm a big fan of both ice creams and healthy shakes :) I just wish this is available in the Philippines. Or is it?

Oh just look at that little man's face, he really enjoys digging into his treat!

Yummy, my kids just can't stop eating ice cream even on a cold weather.

i love to try this one.. can you send me please :)

I would really want to try this one. Please send me too, lol.

ice cream! oh my! how can i ever live without them? lol. i have heard that arctic zero is really a healthy one. i should give them a try soon!

Ice cream is welcome in our home any time of day. My family can't get enough of it and we can't wait to try Arctic Zero.

Ice cream is actually one of my comfort food whether I'm tired, sad or happy!

i read a lot of this arctic zero in a drink...must be good I must say..